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Poll: How Many Cats Are too Many?

By August 23, 2007

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Almost every day, my mailbox receives two or three links to news articles about "cat collectors." Just this week past, the following appeared: The conundrum presented by "cat collectors" is multi-faceted, and the line between "rescue" and "collecting" is not necessarily a straight one. I posted some of my thoughts about the subject some time ago in my article on Cat Collectors.

This poll has admitted limitations. Each of us has financial and housing limitations, in addition to local ordinances and personal health or job issues that all go into our decisions. But, just for ducks, please vote in this poll, and if necessary, explain in your comments. Remember: this poll has to do with your own abilities to care for a given number of cats indoors, but includes questions about your additional care of outdoor cats (strays or your own). You may select multiple answers in this poll.


August 23, 2007 at 9:26 am
(1) Terri says:

I suppose I feel that my “cats” and other pets are more a part of my family than just “something I own” and as part of the family they deserve the best care I can give them. Taking care of pets costs big bucks these days – so you have to decide before you get a cat (or any other animal) whether or not you can afford to take care of them properly. It is very much like deciding on how many children you will have – you have to decide ahead of time whether you have the time and the money to spend on them for the next 16 – 20 years. If not – leave the kitten for someone else to buy/adopt.

August 23, 2007 at 9:44 am
(2) E says:

I think Terri said it very well.

August 23, 2007 at 11:25 am
(3) Patty says:

Though I currently have 6 indoor cats ranging in age from 2 to 17 years, I don’t feel 6 is too many, but is enough. All have been rescued. I agree with Terri about accepting the financial responsibility for long term care. I choose to forego certain luxuries to take care of my pets, but that is my choice. They are all my best friends along with two dogs, and providing them with a safe, caring, and loving environment is my pleasure! What they give me back cannot be measured.

August 23, 2007 at 12:13 pm
(4) Shawna says:

I am up to 6 cats as of today. Number 6 is getting neutered right now. I have 3 older cats all in their teens, two cats under 2 that I took in last summer and now this young male. I know 6 is too many, but I can’t stand it when people move and leave their cats behind. I live in a mostly rental neighborhood and there are a lot of hungry strays and ferals around. I seem to adopt the ones that shoot inside my house when I open the door to come in or out. These are cats that are not used to being outside on their own. I wish there were some way to prosecute people that abandon thier pets.

November 19, 2011 at 5:26 pm
(5) Man says:

Currently I have 32 and I need people to to take soem of them. Please take ‘em all away a except 10. I’m so overwhelmed. What have I got myself into! And they need more attention than I can possibly give them all now.

I know so many of you are gonna say you irresponsible. Yes I was but still it’s life and I can’t knowingly send them to their death. Look into their eyes and you’ll know why. God knows what kind of heart those who march them into gas chambers have!

August 23, 2007 at 1:30 pm
(6) Mandy says:

I wouldn’t have more than two because the two I have are very clingy and affectionate. If I adopted any more, they’d get less time with me and they’d hate it! So in addition to finances, the cats’ individual purrsonalities should play a deciding role as well. It breaks my heart to see people with a bunch of cats that don’t each get quality time and love like my cats do.

August 23, 2007 at 1:38 pm
(7) Mscalico says:

Each situation is different. I had 6 cats which I thought was enough until a crack house across the street was
busted and they left a half grown kitten
animal control said they would kill him because he was half starved and sick. Of course I took him to the vet to check for anything contagious neutered shots etc and now he’s named Mario and I thought I had enough.Wrong.

August 23, 2007 at 3:09 pm
(8) Laura says:

We currently have four and are trying to trap a neighborhood stray that we have been feeding for the last month or so. Our house is two bedroom, two bath and not much else. Yes, it is difficult but, for me, there really is no other choice. All of our were rescues and, provided this stray is not FIV etc., and over time is willing, he/she will have a home with us. For me, there really is no other choice. I too go without certain luxuries and it has all been more then worth it.

August 23, 2007 at 4:46 pm
(9) Jane says:

I have a shelter and I spend my paycheck on the cats. Most are ones that have been wild or come from wild mother cat, where I work. Can’t catch her in a live animal trap! I’ve tried for nine or ten years!! I have a two year old building, divided into rooms, for the cats and live in a two story house. Everything has heat and is clean!!
I spay and neuter and give shots, feed good food and take them to vets as needed. I have cats that would be reproducing if i didn’t have them.

Also I get cats from families that are going to pitch them out if I don’t take them!!

I have many cats, BUT I take care of them!! Not every person that has alot of cats is a collector. I love each and every one. I do flea treatments and flea comb, bathe some cats evryday. he came from my Vet’s office and soils on himself, but he is happy and I think he is gaining more cotrol, so it was good to let him live!!

You never hear about the people that give their lives for cats. Some people shouldn’t have any.

I read books and try new things. I have three vet offices that I go to, depending on who can work me in. I take cats to emergency clinics and the U of I Vet School. So please realize there are some of us who have “TOO MANY” cats, but we take care of them!!

Love the news letter!! Thank you for being there for all of us who love cats.

August 23, 2007 at 5:43 pm
(10) Lee Jones says:

I have four cats, maybe soon to be five.

Every year, we foster orphaned kittens for two different shelters, and volunteer as well. Counting all kittens, we’ve had up to 14 cats at one time.

We’ve kept about one kitten every two years, bringing us to three cats, plus one who conveniently developed litter box problems every time we took him for adoption; he’s ours now. We’re currently fostering one kitten… cute pictures here.

August 24, 2007 at 12:15 am
(11) Kim says:

I am the vice president of our rescue group in northern Illinois. Over the past 2 years I have personally fostered 71 kittens, 55 of whom have found their forever homes – two of them what we refer to as foster failures (meaning that I fell in love and decided to keep them. In addition to my own 8 cats, I currently have 7 adult fosters, all of whom came here as kittens and for some reason were passed over. I also have 9 kittens at the moment, between the ages of 11 weeks and 4 months, some of them are brand new here and not yet posted on Petfinder. I work full time, but I don’t feel like anyone is neglected here,and the most cats I’ve had at one time is 29 – 16 adults and 13 kittens. There are cats here that are lap cats and love as much attention as they can get, and others who don’t really care for much attention, and just come to you for an occasional scratch or pet. The kittens require the most effort because they are isolated in another room. I think it depends on what you are willing to give up to care for these little furry creatures who were born because someone didn’t get their cat spayed and decided to let her outside. The pregnant mom I got in March was clearly someone’s cat. She was probably dumped when they figured out she was pregnant, because she just appeared in the neighborhood and no one knew where she came from. She is the sweetest kitty ever and was probably not even a year old when she gave birth to 7 kittens 10 days after she got to my house. Six of her kittens have been adopted, but she and one of her daughters are still waiting to find their families.

August 24, 2007 at 1:50 am
(12) Christie says:

You people are saints. Thank you very much for taking care of these cats! I too believe people should be prosecuted for abandoning pets. Thank you again :)

August 24, 2007 at 3:20 pm
(13) Ali says:

I have 2 male cats (from the same litter and I got them as soon as the were weened from their mother) and that is plenty for me. They have become my children, I do not see them just as pets. For me finance would be an issue. These 2 are on special food because of the formation of crystals that male cats get. They get annual check-ups and shots. I always joke that they go to the doctor more than I do. : ) I give them clean litter every 2 weeks.

I would like to say thank you to those of you who can afford and have the room for many cats. Mine have been great company these last 6 years.

August 24, 2007 at 3:31 pm
(14) Stef says:

I’m enjoying reading the other comments. It’s delightful to read about so many happy stories. We have 11 cats in our home right now. Last year a stray cat had a litter of 5 kittens on our back patio in the middle of a storm. We brought them in, spent thousands on health care and spay/neuters, etc., and never found suitable homes. So that nearly doubled our kitty population. We are able to care for (and of course spoil) each one. A person has too many when 1. they can’t pay for the obvious needs- food, litter, vet care, etc., and 2. the cats don’t get individual attention and proper play time. Emotional wellness is as important to us and our furry family members as physical wellness, and if we can’t give them both, we shouldn’t have them.

August 24, 2007 at 9:57 pm
(15) Donna says:

I bottle feed orphan kittens. So far this year I have had 11 kittens from four litters ranging from just minutes old to about three weeks at the time I got them. Three died at three days old, four have found their own homes, three are still looking for special homes, and one has joined our family permenantly. That means I have 6 of my own cats and three temporary residents. Six is definitely our limit here…

August 25, 2007 at 7:26 am
(16) abehs says:

Right now I am up to 7 cats. Once I had reached a all time high of nine, each being a stray I or a family member brought in off the streets. I live in a two story single home which has 9 rooms with a full basement and a full attic.They have full access to the house which means a huge play area for all of them.
My last adoptions(3)came from my local vet clinic who brought them up from a shelter in Virginia where they would have been put to sleep if not adopted.
Yes, I go through lots of litter and food, but it is a small price to pay when they bring so much joy and laughter to my husband and I.

August 26, 2007 at 10:34 pm
(17) Victoria says:

I have six and they are more than I can handle. I can’t even imagine parting with any of them but they use every surface of the house as a toilet, no matter what I do about litter. I can’t stand living in my own house! And the fleas bite my son! He’s so covered in bites! I’m sure I’ve done the right thing by giving these kitties a home but what a price!

August 27, 2007 at 4:19 pm
(18) Joy says:

I came to farm where there were wild cats. It took me quite some time for the cats to trust me enough to get them to the vet and stop the continued reproduction. I had 5 inside and 6 outside. I had to reduce the inside cats to jusy two because of personality conflicts with some of the cats. I have had dumped kittens that are used to being fed being dumped when they get past the “cute” kitty stage. What a shock for them I had two dumped that were so messed up, the only thing keeping them alike was eating grasshoppers. The vet straightened their digestive system out and they are doing fine now. I am on limited income so it is hard to feed 11 cats and two strays. Why do people keep letting the kittens keep coming? They all grow up and can be good companions. It cost me $54 for each cat to stop the reproductions. There are so many that need help but not enough caring people to take care of them. What a shame.

August 29, 2007 at 1:43 am
(19) Anne says:

Normal is such a relative thing for people, and we all think we are normal! My husband and I have four cats and a dog. We have had the same number of animals for years – we don’t keep adding, the dog three years old, the cats are all various stages of older. We are not wierdo animal people – both of us are professional adults with healthy social lives! We do love our pets, but take good care of them (high quality food and veterinary care, great scratching posts, love to go around, etc) and know what we have is our personal max. In our home, the dynamic we have works…I don’t necessarily think everyone should have what we have – some of it depends on the people, resources (monetary and otherwise), personalities of the animals involved, etc. I do think when you get into numbers of 8-10+ indoor animals it gets hard to give them enough attention no matter who you are…something starts to get lost along the way. But people who judge with “2 is the max” or “more than 4 pets and you are crazy” usually don’t have a context for throwing numbers like that out there. In any case, if you truly can take good care of your animals (use outside, non animal people as your guide…they may not understand more than an animal or two – but they will clearly be able to see if you are really taking good care of your animals!) – physically, emotionally and psychologically – then that is a good number for you.

August 30, 2007 at 10:43 am
(20) Neffie says:

I have 5 cats and 2 dogs of my own. As Patty said, I think of these guys as part of my family, and I make sacrifices to make sure that they have what they need. Also, I rescue and foster cats, so the number of actual cats in my home varies. There is a huge problem with homeless pets, and someone has to take them in. If there were more responsible pet owners, who kept their pets safely indoors and spayed/neutered, there wouldn’t be so many cats who are piling up in people’s homes, shelters, or rescues. Now THAT is a real shame.

August 30, 2007 at 1:28 pm
(21) H says:

I used to foster cats, and my 2 cats were always extremely unhappy and stressed about this. It always threw the entire household in an uproar. I had 1 for 7 months until he was adopted, and my 2 were not happy and continually snubbed him. I decided to stop eventually as my responsibility was to my 2 and their comfort & happiness. I also saw a few of my friends, one who ended up with 5 of her own, and sometimes a household of 10 as she is a rescuer. Her home was full of stress as well. It’s a hard call, you need to have nerves of steel to deal with this, esp. if you’re an apt. dweller. A large house where you could give the ones who get along privacy and enough space is preferable, I think. I beleive that education, and very tough laws re: adoption and the responsibility
of adopters of pets would go a long way in solving this hearbreaking problem of abandoned cats.

August 30, 2007 at 1:38 pm
(22) Janet says:

I have MANY cats. I am afraid to say how many. We have our own business and we work from home so we are constantly cleaning. You could eat off my floors. I do the cleaning twice a day that most people do once a week. I know I give up vacations, clothes, etc. But I find I really don’t miss any of it. I used to do animal rescue and these cats were not the friendliest so I wound up keeping them all. Yes, they are getting old and some are starting to cross the Rainbow Bridge. What an experience it is having a HOUSEFUL. They all have their own personalities. Some crave constant attention and others just want a simple hello every now and then. And yes, I do have cats that are still not friendly. But they love my other cats. So some of my cats have pets too. Sound crazy – you bet I am!!

August 30, 2007 at 1:50 pm
(23) Chris says:

I feel that a person has too many cats when they cannot give undivided attention to each cat and have the finances to support them. My husband and I consider our cats to be part of our family. Just collecting cats is not an option for me. I try to find good homes for the ones that are in good health and keep tabs on their progress. I usually keep the cats that have medical problems and are not adoptable. My focus is spent on convincing people to get their cats spayed/neutered. People have millions of reasons for NOT spaying/neutering and then the cat or kittens end up on the streets making more kittens. This drives me nuts!

August 30, 2007 at 1:54 pm
(24) Elizabeth says:

I live in a college town where students ‘adopt’ kittens and just let them out the door when it’s time to go home for the summer. So many think they will become feral cats; they don’t understand that a cat raised on cat food in a house CANNOT compete with feral cats and don’t know how to catch food and have no cat to teach them. I have 4 cats and my husband is feeding another one outside whose trust he is trying to gain. So it may be 5 cats eventually. All my cats are spayed/neutered, eat premium cat food, have their choice of 3 clean litter boxes and cat toys galore. They are loved and well cared for. I do not consider myself a collector although, living in this town, you don’t have to wonder how it happens. I also think that people who abandon pets should be treated like the criminals they are.

August 30, 2007 at 2:00 pm
(25) Cyndi says:

Working with a local animal shelter, I occasionally will take in kittens, and sometimes Momma Kitty, during the heavy breeding seasons. I basically try to socialize the kittens and keep Momma focused on their care until old enough for pediatric spaying and then, adoption. My 2 cats now are from just such a litter in which 2 of the 4 got sick when returned to the shelter and during their recovery at my home… decided I needed to be adopted as their new Mom. Great kitties…never raise a claw to me or each other…but very shy from their days of surviving in the fields by successfully hiding. I am the only one the male, Trouble, trusts but he is a real baby with me…forcing me to go to bed every night on his schedule!!! (or so he thinks) Their only flaw is that they don’t care much for their human Daddy but that’s his own fault for being unavailable when they were little and sick. Heidi, however, will give him some lap time if he gives her a good neck scratch. Just like her mommy (only with back scratches!!) Lotsa love for lotsa kitties…as needed.

August 30, 2007 at 2:06 pm
(26) K says:

Well we are just now up to 5, we have had 4 for just about a year. We started out with 2 from a shelter, they had 2 in a cage, and I didn’t have the heart to only take one, so I brought home both, then a neighbor had a momma cat dumped on her and I took one of the kittens, we stayed at 3 for a while, one night my husband and I were outside talking when we kept hearing a small meow coming from the bushes and near a dumpster (they were gutting the house next door), we got a flashlight and found a small, scared super skinny tiger kitten, spent 45 minutes convincing him we are ok people, and brought him in, then almost a year later I was outside late at night when I heard a small cry, near the same bushes, I laid in the grass for an hour with a can of food convincing this tiny thing I am ok. Got eaten by chiggers and mosquito’s, and am still itchy from it, but the kitten is fine, she’s eating, drinking ( we have been having a heat wave here in the mid west heat indexes have been 111), she is slowly gaining, vet says she’s fine, just needs some TLC and a home. She is still hand shy, but is coming around. All of my cats are spayed/neutered as soon as the vet allows, they all become indoor only cats. On top of them we have 5 ferrets all rescues as well. Our animals are family, the cats and ferrets are like my kids, we even talk to them and say “dadda, or momma, or even brother ( for my 2 legged son). I can’t save them all, and that bothers me, but I know that the 5 that I have, it has helped because they won’t be allowed to contribute to the over population of unwanted animals ( I also live in puppy mill country as well), they are not roaming the streets, hungry, thirsty or scared, they will live with us till the end of their days, being loved. 5 cats right now to me seems like a lot, but the kitten is so shy, if I take her to the shelter it is unlikely she will find a home easily, and we have spent the past week earning her trust and she trusts us now, she came here for a reason, maybe she was meant to be part of the family.

August 30, 2007 at 2:08 pm
(27) Nancy says:

Terri, great comment! When you get an animal, it is a committment. If you can’t take care of them, don’t have them. We only have 1 cat now. At one time, We had 6. All rescues, and all inside cats. We had a cat(Patches) that had to cross to the Rainbow Bridge,(14 yrs old) July 12, because of diabetes. We had him since he was a few hours old. Found him, and his siblings outside. He had diabetes for almost a year. That is something I don’t think some people think about. Cats, or any animal getting sick like that. I’ve heard some people say that when they get diabetes, just to have them put down. It is sickening, the way some people treat them! Like they are disposable! Not true! They bring so much joy into your lives. And a big thing with me, is not having them spayed or neutered. That is very important! I wish there was a way that more people could be educated on the care of animals. But some just “don’t want to be bothered”. Then don’t get an animal. We also have 4 dogs(all rescues, also) and 4 Pygmy Goats. Cats are very affectionate too! Some people say they aren’t. You need to spend time, and play, and cuddle with them.

August 30, 2007 at 2:08 pm
(28) Shanna says:

I tease my mom about being the “crazy cat lady” because she has 8 cats. The truth is, they’re fine. She has a large three bedroom house and she lives alone, so they have plenty of room. They get premium cat food and litter. She’s always on top of their vet visits and has even paid for needed procedures that other owners may not have spent the money one. She is the most loving and responsible cat owner I know and I try to take after her.

For myself I have three cats. In the beginning that was fine, but with our local economy in the toilet and all three cats being elderly (one is 17, one is 14, and one we estimate to be about 14 but I don’t know for sure because, yep, he was a stray when I adopted him) it’s been a bit of a financial strain. I get through, though. My vet knows how devoted I am to my cats and when emergencies or illnesses have come up he’s worked with me in terms of payment agreements and the like. My mom helps, too, if I’m strapped. The rational part of my mind likes to think that I would’ve re-though adopting the third cat if I’d known that when they got older every little thing would freak me out and we’d be running to the vet a lot more, but my heart knows that there’s no way I’d trade the experience of having all three of them in my life for anyting, and whatever they need under whatever circumstances, I will simply find a way to make it happen.

August 30, 2007 at 2:08 pm
(29) Tari says:

We have close to 11 cats who are indoor/outdoor cats. Thank goodness for our large space. Most of them are our cats, a couple are our daughter’s cats who has taken a temporary postition outside the country, and several belong to the neighbors but have transferred to our yard.

A few years ago, we bought a piece of property that had 15 cats in the crawl space of one of the buildings. Within a matter of a month or so, there were also 32 kittens.

We were able to socialize all but three. The others went to adoptive homes thanks to a local rescue agency. (Bless them!) The three are spayed and neutered (as are all our animals) and live as a feral colony on the property.

Because of all the help we got from the rescue agency, we now volunteer as a foster home. So far, this year, we’ve had twelve bottle babies and will probably have a few more. That’s fine with us. We’ll do what we can to help.


August 30, 2007 at 2:09 pm
(30) Funnysunny says:

I have 5 of my own in a studio apartment and they all get along well, however, I do foster cats for a rescue group that I work with….sometimes I get stuck with one I foster, hence, 5 cats….but I love them all !!!

August 30, 2007 at 2:14 pm
(31) Nursey says:

I just want to make a point about FIV kitties.. they can lead very healthy lives – cats don’t pick up colds like we do. My 2 rescue cats have FIV – never had any problems – on is in her teens the other about 6. The shelter I volunteer at doesn’t even separate the FIV kitties from the uninfected kitties. It’s just like HIV or AIDS – you can’t get it unless you are sexually active or sharing blood with someone who is positive – and it doesn’t mean you will absolutely get it!!! Most kitties are neutered and the fighting cats are separated so the risk is low. Most vets are negative towards FIV kitties – I have experienced it – for no reason. They don’t even want FIV cats to share a food or water bowl with an uninfected cat! Total myth – they can’t spread FIV from saliva – they’d have to drink a whole lot of saliva – just like HIV/AIDS in humans. Plus they want to charge you big bucks just to test for it – they wanted to retest my 2 kitties – because of possible false positive tests- I was like “for what” not like I’m going to change anything – needless to say I don’t go to that vet anymore. So if you find a great kitty who just happens to be FIV – keep them – they usually get put down due to misconceptions out there- my cats are the most loving and adorable pets. I wouldn’t even consider adopting a non-FIV kitty when I looked for my last cat.

August 30, 2007 at 2:22 pm
(32) Michele says:

Terry said it well. All matters of highest good for the cats and for us must be considered. We have space to accommodate 10 comfortably, probably more, but considering all resources including my stamina and well-being, right now we have 3, will keep that level unless a dire rescue shows up that would NOT really stress out these current 3. We can’t save them all. We can do the best we can within our respective boundaries.

August 30, 2007 at 3:09 pm
(33) Barbara says:

I thought two was enough. I had three but my girl died last summer. I’m going to be back to three as of this afternoon. One of my co-workers thought she was doing a good deed by taking in a kitten who was being given away at the local Target but my co-worker discovered she is not a cat person. But instead of taking the kitten to the pound or abandoning her, my co-worker has asked people at work and I was suggested as a likely candidate. I am looking forward to meeting my baby. I just hope my boys don’t scare her too much.

August 30, 2007 at 3:11 pm
(34) Karen Watkins says:

Hi, all,

What a great forum! It’s so nice to read about others’ experiences with their much-loved kitties, and see that I’m not the only one who never intended to become the “crazy cat lady” yet somehow did.

Each time we’ve decided we had enough cats in our home, another came along… Somehow, the house and the budget have managed to accommodate everyone, and I don’t regret a moment or a dollar spent on these precious additions to our family. The ironic thing is that I was raised by a mother who is, to this day, terrified of cats, and I was a confirmed dog person until my husband brought home an abandoned kitty. Oh, how I fought it! But, I soon fell in love with little Buddy; I couldn’t have loved him more if I had given birth to him myself! We lived in the mountains of California then, and Buddy insisted on being an indoor/outdoor cat. Sadly, we lost him, likely to a coyote attack, just before he was two years old, and I mourn for him to this day. I learned so much from him, especially that I would never again let a cat outside the house, but also that I had room in my heart for other cats that needed a loving home. We started with one from a local pet rescue, Lilly, who is now 10 years old. Next came Frankie and Lola (yes, I’m a huge Jimmy Buffett fan! ), brother and sister from the same rescue group, and decided that was enough. A few years ago, we retired to my husband’s home town in the South, and started feeding the feral cats around our house. It took one of them, Tuffy, almost six months to trust us enough to let us anywhere near her. We realized she was pregnant, and when she delivered one kitten, we begged her to bring her kitty baby to us so we could love and care for them both. Well, by the time she did, we had been calling her kitten Kitty Baby for so long, that became his name! We brought them in last Thanksgiving, and neither has shown any indication that they even remember being anything other than much loved and spoiled indoor cats. Little Evie was another feral kitty, the beautiful tortie daughter of another we fed, and she came to use after having been badly injured at Christmas time. She was with us for just four months; sadly, after recovering from her injuries, she was found to have bladder cancer and we had to let her go. Finally, in June, we found four kittens abandoned by their mother; if we hadn’t found them the day we did, they surely would have died by morning. I fed them milk replacement formula with an eye dropper every two hours (talk about sleep deprivation!), treated upper respiratory infections, etc., and they are now beautiful, happy and healthy. We found a home for two of them with a friend (so we can watch them grow up!), and kept the other two babies, Corey and Koby. So, we’re a 7 cat family, with one gentle giant of a dog that loves and watches out for each and every one of them, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ironically, the original three weren’t happy campers when Tuffy and Kitty Baby moved in, but the addition of the baby kittens has restored peace to our home, unifying everyone once again. Yes, everyone is fixed (except the babies who will be as soon as they’re old enough), they all get their flea meds, shots, etc., and my vet is wonderful about taking post-dated checks if an emergency should arise. I believe in keeping a clean house; it may be more work than I would have otherwise, but that’s part of the package, and a responsibility I accepted years ago when I chose to share my home with these amazing little creatures. I’m a freelance writer, and have to admit that most of what I earn goes for pet care each month, but nothing in my life has been so rewarding as saving these little lives.

So, how many is too many? There’s no answer for that. I’m trying to trap the other outside kitties to have them spayed or neutered, working towards reducing the tragedy of unwanted kittens, but am sure I would add to the family if someone else needed a home.

August 30, 2007 at 3:14 pm
(35) Nancy says:

I have three. I had four, but found it was just not for me. I found a good home for number 4 and she is quite happy being the only cat. My three accepted each other right from the start, but they never accepted number four and she never accepted them. I’m back to my original three now and all are relaxed and happy once again.

I read that lady’s comment up above about her cats using everything as a toilet and fleas biting her son. She might want to look into her decision about having so many.

August 30, 2007 at 3:15 pm
(36) Karen Watkins says:


We’re getting ready to screen in our deck so everyone can have more room to play and safely explore–I can’t wait!

August 30, 2007 at 3:28 pm
(37) Karen says:

We are now up to 6. We had 3, and then last year fostered a mother and her 4 kittens. The mother and female kitten were adopted immediately, but there were so many kittens competing for adoption the 3 boys didn’t get adopted right away. We got too attached to them and ending up keeping all. I thought that 6 was too many–the kittens did stress my older cats–but now that the kittens are over a year old, everyone is getting along well and 6 is fine. I think it depends on the cats–we had more difficulty with our female cat (one of our original 2 who died) than with any of these cats. My vet’s office loves all our cats because they are so used to being handled.

August 30, 2007 at 3:38 pm
(38) Dawn says:

I have 6 cats who barely tolerate each other; i would have more if i had more room for litterboxes and if my family wasn’t an obstacle! Also, there are vet bills to consider; it’s hard when 3 of them need veterinary care at the same time.

August 30, 2007 at 3:39 pm
(39) SS says:

I would only be able to care for about 2 in my mobile home; but, I think if a person has ample room and money to care for them properly and not let them be a pest to those that don’t necessarily care as much for them;and,,,,not let your house reek of cat urine…then have as many as you wish. I wish I could have more and I would not be able to care for more than I have now.

August 30, 2007 at 3:43 pm
(40) millie says:

if you have to many cats you cannot give them the indivdual time they deserve. Each cat deserves a one on one special time with you and if you have to many you just cant do it and so some will get left out

August 30, 2007 at 4:07 pm
(41) millie says:

well done Nursey. FIV cats should not be seperated and yes vets who say pts should be ignored, if your cat is healthy. Fiv should be treated like hiv its a disease that you can have all your life and nothing happens if it does there is treatment available. Well done to you.Its about time the poor FIV were given the right to life
Millie , Galway , Ireland

August 30, 2007 at 4:16 pm
(42) Lwaxy says:

Well, I’m a chaotic, disorganized person and don’t keep my house clean. I’m a terrible house wife, mostly due to my disabilities, and unfortunately I can’t find anyone to hire for cleaning. We have dirty floors, not only from the cats as I tend to spill things. Actually, I believe I make more mess than them. There’s cat hair on our seats, and I don’t always remember to throw empty things away right when they are empty or to empty the trash can. My kitchen is a mess as there never seems to be any space to neatly put away all things. I think the only place that’s mostly clean (except for the floor, that is) is the bathroom. I don’t like it much, but my cats don’t care.

It is somewhat funny to me that “being clean” is always connected to the animals, but truth to be told is that it was a lot worse here before the cats moved in. Because of the cats, I need to wipe or vacuum the floor more often as they should not get leftover litter or whatever else into their fur.

We’re all happy here, us and the cats (currently 4 after an unfortunate early death, #5 moves in this Saturday). You don’t need to have a perfect household to be a good cat (or dog) parent. What matters is time for them all, enough money to care for them, and allowing them to live a life according to their nature.

Our house allows up to 6, soon up to 8 cats when the rest of the enclosure is done. 6 is about what my time allows me , 8 would be ok if some newcomers would not want much contact.

But if I had my dream house, with a large, walled in and safe garden, 20+ would be ok for me, too. although I’d have to be a full-time cat cuddler, then.

August 30, 2007 at 4:25 pm
(43) Bett says:

I have had over 30 at one time in the past when fostering and rescuing. The first thing I did when I graduated from high school and moved out on my own was adopt two cats and I’ve never stopped having lots of animals. My discretionary money is spent on the “family” instead of restaurants and movies. My choice. My vets help out a lot! I don’t consider myself a collector since most of the animals who come into my home leave by adoption to lovely new families. When I had two cats I used to think “four would be more than enough”. Then I had four which grew to eight and I discovered that was just fine. Most people couldn’t handle the double-digits, but those of us who foster and rescue somehow make it work. Collectors/hoarders have big hearts and mental problems which don’t allow them to see the reality. I currently have my “no vacancy” sign flying as I’m at my limit. I donate to local shelters to help-out since I can’t take more into my home right now. That’s the best I can do.

August 30, 2007 at 4:32 pm
(44) Sue says:

After my last cat died about 4 years ago, we were catless until April when we adopted a little girl, 6 months old, from our local shelter. It is so nice to have a cat again, she certainly has spiced up our lives! I would dearly love to get a kitten or other young cat to keep her company, as she is home by herself during the day while we are at work. I don’t think 2 would be any more difficult than 1, but my husband is absolutely dead set against it. I agree that having a pet is like having a child, you have to make a committment and think carefully about good quality cat food, vet bills, toys, and companionship. My former brother-in-law used to get a dog every so often from the shelter, keep it for a few months, and then return it! I was horrified by this behavior, I’m glad he’s not part of my family any more!

August 30, 2007 at 4:41 pm
(45) Pat says:

I won’t go over 2 cats in my current situation, since I live in a condo with a 2 cat limit and because my older cat doesn’t like other cats and, at age 16, the stress would probably kill her. I don’t think it’s wrong for people to have more cats, but it would be wrong for me right now. I’m not sure the number that makes someone a collector, it depends on so many factors.

August 30, 2007 at 4:45 pm
(46) Joanne says:

I currently have ten cats in a 2 bedroom condo. It’s just me and my cats and we are all very happy and healthy. My place is spotless and so are the cats. I think people should be able to have as many as they can physically and financially take care of. As long as the cats are fixed and kept inside, who can they possibly bother? No one, that’s who.

August 30, 2007 at 4:54 pm
(47) Nan says:

Because I live in a 2 BR condo in a suburb, I only have one cat. I wished I might have had 2 to keep him company when I am gone, but he is 9 years old, somewhat reclusive and would be stressed with another cat. It has been difficult recently because he has hyperthyroid and refuses medication so I take him to the vet for shots. Hopefully, the next might be the last for awhile.
I am confused as to why some people have over 20 cats! I can understand it for rescuers and those that take foster cats for adoption. I can understand if you live in a rural area and have room and a safe space for the cats, but, if a person lives in a standard 3-4 BR home in a suburb or urban environment, how can the cats be cared for and loved as a family? How many liter boxes can one home hold?

August 30, 2007 at 4:55 pm
(48) carol says:

We have six cats now. Cats have chosen me as well as i’ve chosen them. The first kitty was brought to us by two neighborhood kids after thheir cat had kittens, asking $10 for each kitten. My daughter chose one. The next cat was a beautiful little stray kitty that was out in the winter cold, running with the big cats. i didn’t know that she was pregnant. She had kittens and we only found homes for two. Then we kept the other three kittens because we grew to love them so much. Then another mommy cat that we were feeding brought her kittens to me when the weather turned cold last year. She brought them from far away- taking about an hour each time- over the span of two days, leaving one kitten with us alone overnight that she trusted me to keep warm and fed for her. Last May, when they were four months old we gave her kittens to a shelter that finds homes- except for one black kitten that was refused because of his color. He is one year old and comes to eat here – i look for him morning and evening. i tried to keep him in but he and the other cats didn’t want him to stay but i consider him my responsibility. i’m planning to neuter and have him have shots asap as well as the mother. She’s returned to outside also as the other cats don’t accept her also. It’s sad and worrisome for me that they don’t all get along. Then there are two other cats that come for food- a huge Tom cat and a poor sweet male cat with a mangled ear- both we can’t refuse. Food gets expensive but we always make sure there’s food. i love each cat very much- have different relationships with each- it’s my goal that each will have shots and be spayed and neutered. Three more still need to be – asap. i wish i had more resources because i love each cat so much.

August 30, 2007 at 4:55 pm
(49) Mike Langley says:

For 52 years I hated cats until my daughter brought this tiny black kitten home from college. We later kicked our daughter out but kept the kitty. After that we adopted a beautiful calico from a local rescue to keep the first company and then we got the bug. We trapped a blue eyed mom and her 2 kittens July 4th 2004 behind a local restaurant. They had some health issues so we had to keep them for several months to get them well enough to be fixed with plans to put them up for adoption thru a rescue group we had gotten to know. The mom has turned out to be quite a sweetie. Her boy is now a 16 pound black panther and the daughter is the most perfectly marked ragdoll with her mother’s saphire eyes. By the time they were well we couldn’t part with any of them. Then a tiny long haired silver male kitten covered in fleas wandered into the yard sometime in 2005 and adopted us. Recently I ended up with this 17 pound apple head siamese that we trapped in a bad neighborhood along with his mate and their 4 kittens. The kittens found great homes thru my friend’s rescue group but mom and dad were so feral that I ended up turning her loose in my back yard. As beautiful as dad was he was big and mean (cleaning the cage and feeding was a challenge that I still have scars from). With mixed emotions I was planning to release him to be with mom but suddenly he started letting me pet him and then he started talking and then!!! Now he shares our home with the other 6. He looks like magilla gorilla when he walks in the room but they play and chase and he is the first one in my lap when I sit down. He talks like no other cat I have ever seen. He and my calico are best buds and the only ones that will stay in the room when company comes by. He has scars from many fights but I bet he didn’t lose many. What an amazing story he is! I have 3-4 outsiders that sleep in my garage and I volunteer for a local no-kill cat shelter with close to 200. Quite a change from my old days. I do think 7 indoor cats is my limit at least for now. But the ones outside have learned to ring the doorbell and there are so many at the shelter begging. I will say 3 to 4 inside is not much more effort than 2.After that it is hard to spend quality time with all of them and yes they do get jealous.

August 30, 2007 at 5:06 pm
(50) MH says:

I now am owned by two cats (one from humane society, one from a local feral cat carer)… I recently tried to adopt a third, but my younger cat, who I would be adopting the other cat as a playmate, would not accept the newbie. Thus, I gave the newbie back to the cat carer who had “loaned” her to me, to see whether or not she’d work out. Apparently my younger cat, who was rescued at two weeks old and then fed by hand by humans until weaned, just doesn’t want another cat! So, I figure, it’s up to her (my older cat had no problem with the newcomer). My cat family is limited in size by my current cats. That’s my definition of quality care!

August 30, 2007 at 5:34 pm
(51) Mike L says:

I forgot to mention that besides my 7 inside and the 4 outside and the 200 I see often at Furkids shelter I do foster some but it is so hard not to get too attached. I can easily see how horders become horders. As I have gotten into the rescue thing it has been amazing how many wonderful people I have met with the same passion. Stand around in any Petsmart or Petco any time of day and observe the other customers in the cat food aisle. You will soon see someone loading up on food or litter and striking up a conversation you will hear some of the most interesting stories of rescues, colonies and lives that have changed because of the interaction with these beautiful creatures. It is almost like an underground network. I salute everyone that is involved in saving these animals and I hope that thru our efforts to spay/neuter we will start to see a difference in the numbers that have to be put down. I was near the Greenville, SC area recently and heard a local station play many times a really cute announcement by the local Humane Society of the importance of spay/neuter. I wish other cities like Atlanta would promote this more thru tv and radio. Many people want to help but are not aware that there are affordable spay/neuter programs in their area and they get sticker/shock when they inquire at some vets about having a stray fixed. They end up doing nothing and the cycle goes on!

August 30, 2007 at 5:40 pm
(52) Jacquie says:

I currently owned by 3 indoor beloveds and purely from my asthmatic state, I think I overdid it with the 3rd member– a long hair. It seems like they all began to shed faster than I could keep up. As far as fostering outdoor kitties — any and all comers.

August 30, 2007 at 5:42 pm
(53) Peter says:

WE have 14 cats, which are are either adopted or strays.Plus ad to that 7 dogs, birds and fish.

All our animals are well cared for and loved! The cats are all indoors. We do not allow our cats to run the neibourhood.

August 30, 2007 at 5:47 pm
(54) Edil says:

As for now ,I only have one cat and one dog.The cat is really my dog cat ,There was the time many years ago that I had 10 indoor only cats,Now I can only handle physically and financially the 2 pets that I have now . All the others have gone to the rainbow ,I mised them dearly ,they were my babies,I never had children ,so when I was able to buy my own place I went to the animal shelter and adopted the fist one ,when I was going out the door the it was this fat little screeming white thing asking to get out also so I took her also . This is how everything started ,Lolita and Samantha-who was compleatly deaf- were only childs for 3 years ,then Garfield was given to me because the person to who it was given found out that it was alergic to cats,then a feral cat where my mother lived gave birth to 4 kittens so i decided to adopt one os the black babies.When I arrived to my vet office next day with Moises-he was born near the beach- the doctor convice me to take to mixed breed female kittens-siamese- they were about the same age of Moises he said and they were good company for each other .My vet also did ofer to spay them for free -what he did at the apropiete time to all3 kittens.Sometime later I was arriving from work at around 2 AM -I used to worke at the airport- I foud this shoe box in front of my aparment door I thought that it was some tipe of joke and was going to thow it thu the garbage disposal when I noticed somethig funny ,sure enough another kitten I name him Jengibre because I already had Garfield that was big fat and yellow.One week later when I was leaving to work a couple of kids thew this baby kitten from the balcony I picked her aand took her to the vet the poor thing had a broken femur ,I took her in also, some years later a mom feral car abandoned a kitten in my garage-the were 4 she toock 3 but left this one he was screming his heart out so here coms Pepe,one year later I cried my heart out when I had to put him to sleep because of lymphosarcoma,he was only one year old , After Pepe abuot 5 years passd until hurracane Georges came to Puerto Rico one week after the hurricane I was out at the garage with my dog Chiquitina when I caled her back I noticed she was carring something in her mouth she drop it in the dining room floor at the moment I belived it to be a dead rat and went to pick it then I realized that it was a few days old kitten – so thi is how Tutifruti came to be my dog Kitten.I had to give the kitten milk But Chiquitina was a very good mother.She bathed the kitten -I had to dry it after wards- sleep with it and theach her how to use the litter box-My dog taught herself to use the litter box .Now there is only Tutifruti,Chiquitina and myself but I know the others are waiting for me when my time comes to go to the Golden Bridge.

August 30, 2007 at 5:55 pm
(55) Vicki says:

I have 6…5 of them were rescues, and the last to be adopted, Bailey,was going to be put down because he didnt like his owners fiance. I drove almost all the way to HOuston for him, and he is a sweetheart. Thats been over 18 months ago. HE is 10, declawed all the way around, and a purebred Ragamuffin. I explain my love of my cats this way….they have been with me throughout ordeals that my family wouldnt be there for. I have begun to have seizures, and who is there for me? My 6 “kids” I have 3 grown kids who wouldnt do this for me. They are my guardian angel with fur and tails, and I love them dearly. If I could have more, I would..not to just save their lives,but to share mine.

August 30, 2007 at 6:07 pm
(56) Carol says:

I have rescued 39 kittens from our neighborhood since a year ago in December. When this started I had 3 cats. One 14, and a 8 and 9 year old cat. Due to various problems I now have 3 more. The last litter of kittens we rescued at two days old. We took them out of a bush and put them in a big dog crate we had. The mother followed them inside, we shut the door and hauled them all inside. So now her kittens are all leaving this week-end but what am I going to do with her? By the time she is spayed we will of had her 11 weeks. I certainly can’t toss her back outside. so it looks like I now have seven cats. There is no odor because we use feline pine and we have a dyson vaccuum cleaner the best purchase I have ever made. I assure you we are completly normal people. This just kind of happened to us.

since ayear

August 30, 2007 at 6:15 pm
(57) connie says:

i have 9 cats. i had 4, all former strays and my neighbor and i trapped a pregnant mom. she had 4 kittens 2 days later. i tried finding forever homes for thm but couldn’t. so my husband and i are keeping them. they’re all spayed and neutered and had their shots.
i get really angry when people move and leave their cats behind. i live in so. cal.and there are a lot of coyotes and fast cars. at least out here they ‘can’t fend for themselves’.

August 30, 2007 at 6:30 pm
(58) Mike L says:

As most of these read; the story line is the same: “Cats Happen”. We are the lucky ones that have found the joy in making these animals part of our families or us part of theirs. Whatever, it is a match made in heaven.
As a former cat hater I can’t say that I saved their lives anymore than they saved mine. It is a sad thing that even with these wonderful stories of life we still hear the rumors of what the local animal control units have to do to keep up with the overflow that keeps pouring in.
Looking at another article by Franny we should unite with a calendar of photos and stories.

August 30, 2007 at 6:41 pm
(59) Susan says:

I have 8 cats but I also live with my Mom and Fiance. They are both doting with the cats, so all the cats get plenty of care and attention. Additionally, my mom is disabled and doesn’t work. So, she cleans and grooms almost everyday. Plus we have two floors, 2300 square feet. So they aren’t on top of each other. I think we could handle one or two more, but we aren’t actively seeking more cats… but if a situation arrived, I think it would be ok. But that would be the limit.

I still think 8 cats are less work then 2 dogs! LOL

August 30, 2007 at 6:46 pm
(60) CatMom says:

Well I am a cat rescuer so I have had as many as 40 at one time and owned 6 when I started. I have placed or helped place over 150 cats into approved homes many of those passed through my doors. Now I own 12 and have any number of fosters and what I call sanctuary cats who will never be adopted due to issues. Wish I had the set up for more but don’t.
I won’t say that there is always enough money to do everything for them that someone with only 2 could do. By that I mean spending 1000′s on each one at the vets. They get spayed and neutered I do follow a vaccine schedule ( a bit less than many vets would recommend)and give the vaccines myself also to save money. They have always gotten a high quality food that was not part of the all the recalls! They get vetted for things that I can’t take care of myself. And I have many cat boxes and scoop everday! People where I live are just not willing to donate adoption fees that will cover in some cases just a spay or neuter cost!
I do believe there are hoarders out there I have met some and helped cats out of that situation. But I also believe that there are overwhelmed rescuers who get called hoarders everyday when the truth is their hearts where really in the right spot they just got in over their heads and DIDN’T have enough HELP. People do get in over their heads everyday they just don’t hit the nightly news about it! And all of us who have more than what is considered the “normal” amount of cats worry that someone who “thinks” they always know what is best for others may turn us in. Don’t kid yourself that “If everything was OK for the cats there” “the Animal Control would not seize them” Rescuers will always have sick cats 90% that come out of a shelter to rescue or have been living on the streets trying to fend for them selves will have at the very least a kitty cold! If you are caring for say 12 cats and work your litter boxes will not always be spic and span. They don’t care about extenuating circumstances usually. So don’t judge by what the media portrays.
If everyone of you who only have 2 would help a rescuer willing to care for 30 instead of donating to the Humane Society of the United States who does not have shelters! Any shelter can call itself a Human Society and they are not governed in anyway by the HSUS and most are high kill shelters. Please do your research before giving to a huge org and KNOW where the money goes!
If all of you with only a couple of cats would help out a small local rescue maybe some of us willing to dedicate our lives to actually caring for the unwanted cats, could have state of the art set ups so the cats can be adopted to approved homes and those that are not adoptable can live happy, and uncrowded, living in little sanctuaries around the US.
The concept of “hoarding” and just having what is the general idea of too many cats are not the same thing!
50 cats can live together just fine, and many times 2 can’t get along so it all depends on the cats. Sometimes it is a matter of do you think a cat would rather “live” with many other cats in possibly not the best situation or be “dead” at the shelter. Because that is the decision each rescuer has to make many, many times do we add just one more or do we let that cat die.
So maybe the questions shouldn’t be how many is too many, but how much are you cat owners with only a few willing to help in other ways than housing them yourself?

August 30, 2007 at 7:26 pm
(61) Renee says:

I have 9 cats in my home…3 are totally indoors and the rest go out in the morning and after dinner, those 6 were trapped as kittens and never found a permanent home..I also foster for our local Animal Contol…in addition I help a friend feed a colony of 60-80 cats, plus assist a rescue group in Trap, neuter and release…lets just say I am tired, I also work part time

August 30, 2007 at 7:41 pm
(62) Sue says:

I currently have 7 loving furry kitties. This is the most that I have ever had at any one time. I have now had these 7 for over 5 years. My oldest is 16 1/5 and we go down in ages from there to 5 years. My 7 are enough for me but I had a friend at one time had 22 cats and every one was well taken care of. I feel that as long as you can afford your time, energy, and the money for food, litter, vet care, spaying and neutering, etc. no number is actually too many. I think that it is really an indivudial answer for every one.

August 30, 2007 at 8:03 pm
(63) Nancy says:

I’ve always had three at a time. There are 3 that are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge..Chang, Pyewacket and Angus. I now have Jasmine, Winston and Lucy. Jazzy and Winston were rescues from the shelter and Lucy came to me because her previous owners were severely allergic to her. All get their one on one attention daily. Winston shares my morning yogurt with me. Jazzy sleeps with me and Lucy just takes sits with me when I watch TV. All are loved beyond belief. They are so much company. I have a 3 bedroom house so they have plenty of room. I also have one huge litterbox, so no odor of any kind.

August 30, 2007 at 8:22 pm
(64) Diane says:

I’ve always had one cat & he was the love of my life,but he passed away last year at the age of 20. I wouldn’t get another cat when I had him, because he was such a Momma’s boy. But when he passed I got 2 kittens & I find that having two is manageable. I’d love to get another, but my kitties go to a holistic vet, are on a bunch of supplements & eat expensive food. (yes, they are spoiled) Vet bills are so expensive & I live in a 1 bdr condo, so I think 2 is just about right.

August 30, 2007 at 8:43 pm
(65) ava says:

My husband and I have 2 cats. both girls were from a feral colony. snowflake is about 14? now. we know tyler just turned 3. tyler still tries to nurse off of snowflake & they both purr the whole time! we took tyler in for snowflake. it was the best thing we could have done for her. it’s extended her life quite a bite as she was getting awfully lazy & complacient. now she runs around & plays and isn’t quite as fat. we were worned that 2 females wouldn’t get along but their great. only once in a while SF tell TY where to go…..
we help care for a colony of 12. they are all spayed & neutered. we trapped all of them & using spay certificates got theri shots & everthing. there were up to about 40 at one time but had the others placed or they left. a few had to be put down (what a heartbreak).
These 2 came from the colony. we had to set our limit at 2. we know thats all we can handle in the house. I want to scream whenever i hear of someone letting their cat out. I’ve seen the results to often. We could hold the door wide open & our girls just look at us like we are crazy. they know better!!!!
We started with one TC (THE CAT) she showed up on our back step. the first time I saw her, it was her skinny butt in the air while she licked the grates of our grill. she made her way into the house & into our hearts. Then Buddy showed up under a neighbors car & we took him in. after 9 yrs TC came down with colon cancer. when she would no longer eat even raw bay scallops I know it was time. Buddy was alone for a short while when my husband brought in SF. she was so skinny all white one blue eye one gold eye. she had lived in the colony about 7-8 years & had had a few litters. she’s now nice & chubby and about 14 yrs old. she had some teeth removed about 2 yrs ago & lost a fang last week. My husband is now grinding up her crunchies!!
after TY was born in the colony we had her 1 brother & sister placed then decided to take her in to keep SF company. her other sister still lives with the colony & is blind in one eye. We feed the colony 2days a week & another woman feeds them the rest of the time when she goes to work. if she had a vacation or day off I fill in. both my husband & I are on disability but we feel the least we can do is try to help the cats. My heart breaks when i think of what could happen to them if we couldn’t get out to help. we’ve shoveled them out in the snow & have given them iced water in the heat waves. we build sleep shelters & a feed shelter for their protection & some comfort. The shopping center owners & police and animal welfare people leave us alone at this point Hopefully it will stay that way. one time we had a problem with a sick cat & the police had 2 cars shine their lights int the reserve so we could rescue him & get him out.
I wish we could do more but 2 is our limit in the house (we tried taking in one other but he didn’t get along with our 2 girls so we found him another home by himself) My husband cleans the 2 boxes everyday & I am usually the one to feed them. he plays with them all the time & I just give them all my love :)

August 30, 2007 at 8:57 pm
(66) Jessie says:

I have 6 cats currently.

My fiance and I live in Massachusetts and we just graduated college. Last summer we adopted a 2 year old beautiful female tuxedo cat from the shelter I volunteered at.

She has been our only cat and loved being a spoiled brat. This past May, there was a beautiful skinny gray cat wandering my fiance’s fraternity house and they didnt want the responsibility of taking care of her. She was sooooo overwhelmingly friendly, and as I watched her eat like a horse, I noticed she had a swollen belly.

Well at first, we were against taking her we were going to give her to the local shelter with her being pregnant. But we brought her home and kept her separate for a while and within a week we had grown to love her and decided if all we were going to do was the same as someone else, why move her and make her re-bond with someone else.

So we decided to foster her and the kittens- well that was in May and we have her and all four of her beautiful kittens now.

We love each and everyone like they were our own babies- but heres the problem.

We live in a decent size one bedroom apartment, but I am not a high energy person- all my energy goes to loving these kittens and all our money goes to the same.
We really need to give two of these kittens away and we have had a harder time than we thought.

I will be incredibly sad and I wish we could keep them all, and we probably could if worse came to worse- but I dont want to sacrifice their well-being for keeping them all.

So, I know this is not a forum to ask if you folks want more cats (preferably if youre from MA) but, they are the best kittens and if your on this forum or you folks can recommend a home then I would trust it.

They were born May 25 and have had both sets of shots and arent quite old enough to be fixed.

One is a tuxedo kitten and he is active and playful, we we have slowly turned him into a cuddler and boy does he purr!!! I really want a family with a younger kid for him.

The other one is a beautiful longer haired calico and she has a half black face and half white face and is the friendliest little thing you’ve ever seen!!!

So if anyone is interested or knows someone who is interested- all I ask is that you fill out a little survey I have and we get reimbursed for their shots. And that we occasionally be kept up to date on how they are.

Oh, and that you love them as much as we do- although I know thats hard.

I really love them but 6 in this apartment is too much. If we had a bigger place- no problem, but we dont.

Let me know if anyone can help me,


thanks guys and sorry for posting this here.

August 30, 2007 at 9:00 pm
(67) Benita says:

How to decide if you have too many cats: when every cat does not have its own space, when you cannot comfortably provide for its comfort, adequate food, and veterinary examinations and treatments; when you cannot interact with your cat on a daily basis, providing grooming and touching time. I have 10 cats and have decided that another cat in the household would compromise at least one of the above criteria. I cannot save the world, just a part of it. That axion was very difficult to come to grips with. Every stray cat I saw I wanted to rescue. It cannot be done. The best way I know now is to provide adequately for the ones I have and to donate to those organizations who do enormous amounts of work with very little money. I am also growing older and do not want to have too many cats “supersede” me. No matter what plan I put in place, if I die, I will never know if those who have agreed to take my place will in fact do the right thing.

August 30, 2007 at 9:04 pm
(68) Deanna says:

I have 15 housecats ( all strays that I have taken in.) They are all neutered and spayed. I have 16 cats living in my garage. All neutered and spayed. Also strays. I do not have a mental illness. I am a college graduate. I simply do the right thing which is taking in the homeless cats and giving them love. They deserve it.

August 30, 2007 at 9:05 pm
(69) Kathy says:

This subject hits close to home. My 82 year-old mother is beginning to suffer from memory loss. She also has 3 cats that were strays. It is getting to the point that the litter boxes are neglected, and I wonder what happens when I’m not there. My husband and I have 2 rescues of our own, and we think it is only a matter of time until the cats move in with us. So in my mom’s case, I think 1 cat is really too many for her. As long as a person has the resources, time and patience to lovingly and responsibly care for cats, as an earlier poster remarked, how many IS too many?

August 30, 2007 at 9:23 pm
(70) Kathy says:

We have 7 cats now from age 3 to 11 years of age, I started with the one some one going to drown she 11 now.
Then some one droped another out the window as they went by she is 10 now. I got married and he had a cat that also was droped out of a moving car sorry to say after 17+ year she passed away last dec. We adopted 3 kittens from a recuse that where left for dead. 2 of them has asma I thought they would out grow. But they are 3 now and they ALL go to vet reg, the 2 go every 4 months for thier shots. And We adopted 2 gray apple head at the age of 5 they are sisters, Some one thou them out in snow because they got a new kitten. Now they are both 8 years of age. They are all fixed and stay inside at all times.
We have a house full of love with them. sure We still work 8-12 hour days of work out side the house, sure we get tired of the extra cleaning. But I would NEVER get rid of Any of our kids no matter what age they are. These cats we have live like queens here.
I think 7 is our limt Love them all, inreturn they love us every time they can. One just jump up on my lap to get a hug good night before she turns in. The other 6 are alrady in bed with My husband thier Dad.
Just wish more people would take care of thier pets.

August 30, 2007 at 9:44 pm
(71) Debra says:

It’s great reading all of these warm cat-stories! Thanks so much for sharing them!

I have only one cat, and my little tortie kitty-girl is my constant companion at home. I have no doubt as to how empty my life would be without her! I used to think there was only room for one cat in our little home…but, I’ve realized how wrong I was. In fact, we’ll soon be opening our home to another cat, and this is why………

About a year ago, when we didn’t have a place to call home, two wonderful friends of ours and their seven cats invited us stay with them until we could find our own place.

I have to admit that before our experience there I always thought this couple very good friends, but rather eccentric–and not only due to the 7 indoor/outdoor cats, lol, but it sure contributed! I had previously always returned from a visit to their place quite filled with that warm feeling one gets from visiting good friends, but so covered in cat fur that I began to keep an outfit in which just to make visits! And, I just couldn’t see how they could give the amount of attention and care each of those seven cats needed to thrive, especially with three long-haired, three medium-haired and just one short-haired.

However, after living with them and their 7 furbabies I’ll never think anyone eccentric again because of the number of cats in their home, and will never again wonder how they could possibly do it right!

Each cat got all the love and attention they needed and wanted, as well as the proper care. And, they gave back as well as they got, and more!

I, too, have been deeply enriched by getting to know and love each of those wonderful cats while living with them, and always look forward to visiting them again — and I don’t care about those fur-covered clothes anymore, either!

So…I say as long as they are being properly cared-for and loved, then have as many as you want!

August 30, 2007 at 9:46 pm
(72) June says:

Last year in April we had 2 indoor, 2 indoor/outdoor cats (female a walkup). Then we had 6 babies which we cared for until they were 12 weeks. We (my husband) and enjoyed them so much, but 10 were just too many. We found homes for them from friends. We were moving North and therefore were not taking any with us. But in December, here come 2 little brothers (7 or 8 weeks) so cold and cute, therefore, we took them with us North. They are so loving and gentle and we don’t know how they were raised prior to us, but they are special. Then my son has one cat, therefore, we are again a family of 3 cats — enjoy all of them.

August 30, 2007 at 10:00 pm
(73) Laurie says:

Thank you for this topic today–I am glad to read others’ opinions and situations.
I have four cats–three adopted from the local shelter and one given to me from a neighbor who couldn’t keep hers any longer. I live alone, work full time, and have four healthy, loving “kids”.
I try to choose excellent food for them and they all get vetted annually and as needed. One I’ve worked with for two years to moderate his biting behavior, and he is much better today (he was a full male when picked up by the shelter, and I got him fresh from neutering at age 2). He also has asthma, and I medicate him daily and as needed. In spite of the bites I love this guy!
Anyway, I thought three cats was my max, but I’m now one over that. I have to keep two of them separated, which does complicate things. Still, I think I could take in one more if necessary. Incidently, I lost my best buddy before I adopted my current boys–My Tojo was 18 when I lost him–and for quite a few years he was my only cat. I felt it would break his heart to adopt another. So there are ebbs and flows…
I agree completely that the number of cats one can care for is individual. I have seen collecting in the course of my work and know the difference between a collector and a caring owner of multiple cats. All the best to all of the owners and rescuers who have commented–we know what love is!

August 30, 2007 at 11:07 pm
(74) jackie says:

I started with 2 indoor cats, then fostered a pregnant cat who had 5 kittens (all kept indoors), so for a while we were up to 8 indoor cats. When the kittens got big enough, momma and 3 of the kittens went back to the shelter for adoption – we kept 2 of the kittens, so we are up to 4 permanent indoor cats. But planning on fostering a pregnant cat again in the future. With regular vacuuming and twice daily litter scooping, there is no smell or mess at all.

August 31, 2007 at 12:30 am
(75) Joy says:

The number is not so important as the ability to take care of the cats properly, and that includes spaying/neutering and vaccinations. If you have the room, time and money to take care of any given number, it’s not too many. I myself, have only 4 right now, three inside and one outside(he unfortunately will not stop spraying in the house). I would love to have more, but it would be truly pushing the limit with my husband. We also have a dog who thinks the cats are part of her pack. She especially loves and plays with the one we have keep outdoors.

August 31, 2007 at 1:07 am
(76) john says:

I never thought much about cats growing up in the country many years ago, grew up with a dog. Then my wife and I were adopted by a cat that I guess was left behind when someone moved. A beautiful longhair orange and white girl. The wife’s cat right? Nope, my shoe was the place she called home when I wasn’t available for hugs. After transfer to Hawaii, our paperboy showed up with a very small siamese kitten covered in dirt. I said humm, the wife just cupped him in her hand and looked at me. You know where this story is going. He became a very well known cat in person, as well as on the military radio circuits. During a Kona storm, he brought a very small tabby cat to our back porch. He turned out to be a very special cat as well. They both passed away from old age. We contacted the local spca shelter, and adopted two great cats. One is an older siberian who was adopted out and returned twice. All this gentle giant needed was alot of hugs and some grooming. His “box-mate” is a birman girl who took over and licks my nose in the morning. And we also adopted a great senior himalayan, who thinks my wife walks on water.

How many cats? I’d answer whatever your heart and commonsense will allow!!

August 31, 2007 at 1:09 am
(77) Karen Watkins says:

I’d just like to add a comment regarding special one-on-one time with our furry friends. I totally agree that each cat needs individual and special attention, but disagree that it’s not possible to provide that in a multi-cat home. Each of our 7 has their own routines, likes and dislikes, and enjoy their individual time with us in different ways. Lilly adores her daddy, and hangs with him every morning until I get up; her time with me is usually late afternoon. Frankie curls up in my arms if I’m taking a nap, or gets up on my chest and puts his arms around my neck in a big hug, usually for half an hour or so while we’re watching TV at night. Lola sits on the top of my recliner, and snuggles between us when we go to bed. Tuffy likes her time in the late mornings, while Kitty Baby likes his “floor play time” with me in the early evening. The new babies, Corey and Koby, take turns playing and sitting in my lap while I write at the computer every day. They all spend similar time with my husband throughout the day, each in their own way. Of course,it would be different if they all wanted attention at the same time, but they never seem to, and the family dynamic works for all of us this way. When a new member of the family was added, we promised each of the existing kitties that the newbies wouldn’t take any love or quality time from them, and we’ve kept our promise. It seems to be working, as we have a houseful of happy, healthy and well adjusted cats!

August 31, 2007 at 1:12 am
(78) Yvette says:

We have four cats at our house. Two were found on the streets as kittens and the other two are feral cats we trapped behind a restaurant. If it weren’t for the other people living in my house, I would have more cats if I was financially, physically, and mentally able. I love my cats as my babies and the ways that some people neglect their animals make me livid! I remember visiting a farm where my brother was fixing a barn. There was a border collie tied up outside who wound his leash around a basketball hoop lying on the ground, and ended up making the leash 2 feet long in the process. He was barking and jumping desperately. There were also kitties, kitties, kitties of every shape, color, and pattern lounging everywhere! Sigh…don’t even get me started on that. If everyone just took the time and money to spay or neuter from the beginning, there wouldn’t be so many unwanted cats. And, of course, people who don’t have either shouldn’t have animals anyway.

August 31, 2007 at 1:14 am
(79) Steven C. Barr says:

In general, the cats themselves will decide “how many are TOO many!” Here in Oshawa, Ont’o., Canada, we are officially limited to six (none of whom are allowed to “wander unrestrained”…?!).

My “herd” as been up to the legally-allowed six…but is currently down to a mere one! “Ecru” (both his name and his colour) was an “only kitten” of a semi-feral female who took up residence at my abode “Mama Cat,” whom I wish still lived here! (long story…!)

I’m hoping to rebuild my herd, since my old-age pension income increases substantially on 1 November 2007 (I turn 65, and become an official “Old F…ogey, on 22 October 2007!).

My verdict? If one can provide food, litter box(es) and veterinary care when needed…AND if all the resident felines seem to tolerate one another… then you are at or below the “too many cats” level!

Some time back, I saw a picture in a Toronto newspaper of a home where there were 659 resident felines. While I’d be happy in such a setting, I can’t help wondering if the CATS would…


August 31, 2007 at 1:28 am
(80) eve says:

i found my cat as a stray when she was less than 10 weeks old, cold ,hungry,very thin and infested with fleas, i took her in because she was hiding on my front porch of my old house, i never really intended on keeping her other then to wait for the morning to hand her in at the local vet.being that i lived near a 24 hr coles i was able to get a litter box and some tined cat food one thing i was not having was a kittin peeing all over the carpet, what got me was how easy she was to handle and how quickly she took to the litter box which at the time lead me to believe that she might have been dumped or had runaway, so at the vet that morning we checked for micro chipping,there was none and after flea treatments and vaccinations it was a no brainer i would keep the kittin until someone went looking for her, noone did so i kept her, me a person who had never owned an animal,so i did the reading and the net searching,and determined that this kittin could live in the laundry not the rest of the house, ha she was in my bed and under the covers with me in just 5 days, it’s been 4 years and i spoil her rotten, i might add she is also desexed which i had done when she was 14 weeks,that really is the best gift you can give to a cat, the need not to have to give birth over and over again. for me one cat is all i want or need.she is the light of my life.

August 31, 2007 at 2:38 am
(81) Judy says:

I believe you should have no more cats than you can pay attention to. 2 or 3 cats per person is enough, any more than that and some will be neglected.

August 31, 2007 at 9:28 am
(82) Tammie says:

My husband and I are owned by 15 wonderful cats and a 11 yr. golden retriever and a 6 yr. black lab. All of the cats were born in our back yard by a ferrel mother – I brought the litter in, socialized and found homes for as many as we could and kept the rest. Ages from 8 to 10 mos. All of them are up to date with shots and are in best of health. All get along beautifully with each other and the dogs just love them. I must admit its alot of work for me, vacuuming twice a day and constantly cleaning the kitchen and litter boxes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are given the best food and are thriving and happy cats. Its easy to say just one more won’t really matter, but I can say I have reached my limit. I also feed 3 ferrel cats who live outside but I also got them spayed so we won’t have any more little ones. My last two came into the house with the notion that I was going to find a home for them, but after bottle feeding, you grow attached and they just follow me around and I love them and all the others so much. I would advise anyone that its alot of work to keep 15 cats and 2 dogs and the house clean but my husband is amazed how clean it is – no animal smell when you enter the home at all. Here’s to all my kitties – love you all.

August 31, 2007 at 11:23 am
(83) Anne says:

We have 7 indoor cats, and 4 outdoor cats. We never set out to acquire 11 cats, but we live in the country on 50 acres. Most of our kitties are from drive-by drop-offs. We can’s turn any away when they come knocking at our door.
Financially, it is a small burden. I find us sacrificing personally to take care of them all, but it is definitely worth the price. All 11 of our cats receive as much love and attention that any single cat could ask for.
To most people 11 cats would be too much, but it doesn’t feel that way to us. The only time they are all occupying the same room is at dinner time. Each cat knows its name, always comes when it’s called, has its own food bowl and always goes straight to that spot when dinner is being served.
They are our kids!

August 31, 2007 at 12:26 pm
(84) Aida says:

I could not agree more with Terri. I love cats and wish I could have more but a few things keep me in check: I believe I should be able to care for my 2 boys in various ways but financial responsibility is primary; Chaos (one of my cats) does not get along with any other animals besides my other cat (for that matter, he’s not crazy about my husband); and finally, my husband. Note to readers, I did not list these in any particular order.

August 31, 2007 at 12:52 pm
(85) Susan K. says:

“Too many” is when one cat who can’t tolerate one of the others begins inappropriate urination. This is a topic nobody above has addressed, possibly because it is embarassing. Feliway helps but is not a complete remedy. I read a statistic that 100% of homes with more than 7 cats have this issue.
I felt myself crossing over “the line” when I got up to 8 indoor kitties. Now everybody who shows up gets neutered, but must live as an outdoor kitty. The people at http://www.alleycats.org provide terrific information on keeping feral cats, and even though I live in the midwest where winters can be harsh, none of my outdoor kitties seem to mind because I follow the advice of the professionals. They tell you how to provide adequate shelter, etc. I have trained them to a clicker so they come at mealtime when I click. Yes, ideally cats should NOT be kept outside, but if this is the best you can do, do it and don’t feel bad about it!

August 31, 2007 at 7:03 pm
(86) MickyB says:

I have 5 inside cats and 6 outside cats.
It is too many I’ve realized. Inside my oldest one has gotten so scrawny/boney it’s pitiful but he eats/drinks but also has ‘potty problems’. We just can’t decide to put him down but I feel we should. I’ve had him since ’92 and don’t know how old he was then so he’s up there.
Now the outside one’s are a fluke of too much love. This mother cat came in the yard first. Then a few days later came the three kittens. Ok. Now I think I’ll get her to the vet to spay and pop she’s pg again! And I though I knew cats! So another litter of 5. One went to my daughter’s friend, my daughter/hubby took two. One got hit in the street. And I took the last one inside. The first three and the mom have just stayed out there when two of them in/out. We are over run and my husband cusses it daily but then he shows love/affection to all of them.
I’ve quit being nice to any others that come up! Lol.
But I’m 54 with MS and he’s 57 so how much longer we can provide it’s not known. I know I had to put the three inside cats of my mom’s asleep when she died because there was no place for them. One being too old, the next getting on and the little one no one saw but my aunt. You can only do so much. And others think you are insane! Lol

August 31, 2007 at 7:07 pm
(87) Gail says:

I have recently acquired two kitties from the same litter. A male and female (they will be fix in two weeks). My first pets ever. They are wonderful, loving pets and they are enough for me. I don’t have the room or resources to have anymore. I provide them with quality cat food and fresh water everyday and provide them with a clean litter box always and of course toys to play with. They are healthy and happy. I originally only want one, but decided to take two so they would have company with each other while I am away working. It makes me sick to think about treatment of any animal collected by a collector and not properly cared for. They are, after all, creatures that suffer from being neglected and abused.

August 31, 2007 at 7:10 pm
(88) MickyB says:

I just sat here and wrote this long note and where did it go?? It’s not in the line up of letters here!

August 31, 2007 at 8:51 pm
(89) Monica says:

I have 3 cats. 2 males and 1 female. I only have 4 rooms. I am able to take care of them individually. I am a 2 household cat person but the third one I got last December a week before Christmas… he is Ozzy a orange and white stray with no tail..got him fixed like the rest of my cats..but I would not have another cat in the apartment I am in now. Thank God they get along with each other…..my family is afraid that I will truly become the at lady and have alot of cats…I love all animals but there is a limit.

August 31, 2007 at 9:10 pm
(90) donna says:

My kitty family just went down in numbers… I found good, indoor homes for two the past couple days… about the only thing harder than saving orphan kittens it finding homes for them.

August 31, 2007 at 9:28 pm
(91) Kat Lady says:

I was reading and I hope Some one Helps VICTORIA-On Aug 26,At 10:34pm
Where she has six and they use the House like a toilet and they all have fleas- She needs to get out of the house and bomb it with flea bombs and get to a vet with the kittens to get advantge, and clean all litter boxes out and spay the house with Feliway from vets.
I really feel bad reading hers…….

September 1, 2007 at 12:09 am
(92) Lorraine says:

I have been rescueing cats/kittens only where there are no other available options including rescue groups that have/had reached a point of turning away animals in need.

I also work with rescue groups with trapping and fostering. About 1/3 of my felines were facing the prospect of being put down while being at a rescue group due to socialization problems. They were given to me and I rotated an equal number of cats that were ready for adoption.

I have nursed sick kittens and elder cats, sometimes to health and some passed…usually in my arms.
Every animal that comes into my home gets fixed as soon as their health and ability to be handled is reached.
A consistant brand of food and supplements are purchased monthly, Meds for simple infections and worming and fleas are on hand. Special diets are also dealt with.
Whenever possible, adoptions are processed.

It does not matter that I have worked with Rescue groups for years and have a vet that has records on my cats or that I have all the cats fixed and am not breeding kittens. The feral cats that I care for outside my home…I trapped and off they went and got fixed.

No matter how responsible I am, I am threatened with eviction from my lot, am accused of being a cat horder and the crazy cat lady. That I am cruel and unfair to the cats. I am not even trustworthy and my neighbors spread rumors about what I do in my own yard. I have even been accused of stealing other peoples cats. How unfair can people get…at one point a was trying to find a rescue group to help me place some young cats that were ready to find homes, because it was passed on that I was a hoarder, the rescue group sent out
one of their local rescuers to see how bad the situation was and sent lots of traps. She was invited into my home and she was greeted at the door with over 8 of my friendlyist cats. Sleek, well fed, loving, clean and well cared for. She was shocked and we are still friends to this day.
I do not see pets as disoposable, and we are chronic about our subconsious belief that everything is disposable…’we can always get another one anytime we want…’ It is Tragic that this little comment can be applied
to whatever we want, in every area of our lives…especially our pets.
Enough said, I could go on for a long time on this…but enough.

Thank You for letting me comment, at least for myself and the frustrations that I face doing something I love to do.

September 1, 2007 at 5:53 am
(93) Desley says:

i personally only own 2 cats, but that is purely due to money (I only adopt oldies, so they can be quite expensive at times), but as I foster, I generally have more than that, my comfortable limit is 5 (but my two do have outdoor access), but I have been at 6 on a regular basis due to not being able to say no – only once has it been an issue healthwise.

September 1, 2007 at 4:21 pm
(94) Bj says:

This is certainly personal preference, but you should certainly make sure you have the room and the resources and that you’re giving a good home to as many cats as you take in. I have 3 females, ages 12 (a pregnant stray I took in at age 2), 6, from a pet store which is bad, but I had to take her home, and 3, adopted from a shelter. Yesterday I was shopping an hour away from home and met 3 college students (one was related and not from the area) who were in Petsmart with a very young, sick kitten. They couldn’t find an owner so were buying food, etc. to keep this kitten in a place they rented where they couldn’t have pets. They were happy to see me because I took the kitten to the local shelter (not my home town). When we got there a woman came out and said they couldn’t take any more cats, especially a sick one since a new virus had killed some of their cats. I stood there not knowing what to do next. I would have brought her home (my house is small) but was afraid to risk my other 3 will a bad new disease. I felt the shelter should have done more, but finally she agreed to call my shelter at home (an hour away). She came back outside and said they would take the kitten so we drove home trying to get there before the shelter closed. When we arrived, the person in charge who knows me, was surprised when I said the kitten was sick (the other shelter had not disclosed this). She did, however, make special arrangements and got a crate for the kitten. Apparently it’s not legal for them to take a sick animal from another county, but they did. At least they had the best interest of the kitten at heart. The kitten started eating immediately and we were all surprised that she didn’t seem at all weak. I went back today to check on her and to bring a supply of food, and was assured that although, yes, she was sick, she would survive this and be fine. Please, everyone, contribute to your shelters. Just bring in some food or other supplies – old comforters, rugs, anything. They are so in need. I’m so thankful that they were able to care for this kitten and that I didn’t have to bring her home, because that would have been my next move had I been turned away there.

September 1, 2007 at 8:53 pm
(95) Beverly says:

Right now I have 5 cats. “Critical mass” for me is 6–when I’ve upped the quantity to 7 chaos erupts (territories just somehow bubble over). I have 3 rescues, and 2 picks, but both selections have come from deprived households, so they may qualify as throw aways also. When I rescue a cat I try to find another home for them, but I do sometimes end up keeping the unplaceables. They are spayed/neutered, given their shots, and loved.

I also drop food off in two or three places where ferals hang out. I can’t currently trap/rescue/tame them, but I can’t stand to see starving animals.

September 2, 2007 at 4:35 pm
(96) Alabama Kathy says:

We have two rescured cats that live indoors only. Special members of our family. However, we always seem to have some friend outside who need love, food etc. I’m not good at getting more than two, to get along with each other so that’s our limit.

September 3, 2007 at 4:23 am
(97) Pam says:

About two years ago, my sons and I adopted two kittens who were a brother and sister duo. This was our first experience with cats, and they have been such a blessed addition to our family. A year later, circumstances brought a 10 year old abandoned cat to my attention, and we took him in also. Again, we were blessed by taking him into our home. Not long after that, I came across a tiny stray, starving and abandoned kitten roaming the streets. I fed and watered her for three months before she allowed me to “rescue” her. So now, we have four cats in our home, and each day I feel blessed for the joy and love they’ve brought into our lives. They have all been spayed or neutered, and they are current on their shots. They are all very healthy and get along just fine. They each have their own personalities, and they each get plenty of love and attention. I know there are other cats waiting to be adopted, and I would love to save each of them, but for me, four cats is all I can care for and provide with quality time, love, and attention.

September 4, 2007 at 1:25 am
(98) Jeanette says:

Hello everyone. I have 4 cats personally. I originally had 2 of my own, who I bought from a person who had a litter she couldn’t keep. I don’t know if they were purposely bred, or if she just had an unexpected pregnancy, I never asked. When I met my husband, he had a cat of his own, who was a stray that he got when she was about 6 months old. She was pregnant, and he had to terminate her pregnancy, which wasn’t a happy decision for either of them.

We got a fourth cat when we moved into a new apartment, and he decided that we were his new family. He was so thin… we could see ribs, we knew there wasn’t any way that he could survive on his own. We couldn’t bring him in at first because of the strong objections from my mother-in-law, but she soon passed on, and in came Shakey (named because the tip of his tail shakes when he’s eating). Until we were able to bring him in, he did get premium cat food, because one of mine couldn’t eat regular food, due to crystals. So, we had some high quality cat food that Shakey got to enjoy.

I was irresponsible, and one of my cats, Trystenne, ran away when I had all the cats out for a supervised run around the apartment. I couldn’t locate him, and he never found his way home. I sincerely hope that someone was able to take him in, and could handle his special needs (he was the one with crystals). So, we were down to 3 cats after that.

Looked like we weren’t going to get a fourth for quite a while, because we ended up moving to a studio weekly stay apartment, and there wasn’t much room for us or the cats. But, that changed when this sweet little fluffy squirrel tailed kitten came up to us and batted those beautiful eyes at us. She was aptly named Taz for tazmanion devil, due to how she hollered at the other cats the first couple days after moving in.

However, there hasn’t been a single instance of death dealing fights in the apartment, only tremendous hissing and grand chases occurring every so often.

So, the grand total of 4 for us seems to work out fine. We don’t think that we could ever manage to find new homes for these stinkers, if for some reason we had to give them up, because they have such unique personalities. But we don’t ever expect to have to locate new homes, because we are bound and determined that we are going to be their family for life.

We give them quality food, fresh water, fresh and clean litter, but don’t take them to the vet unless they get sick for some reason. One male and female are still intact, but we aren’t worried about the male because he’s clueless. We are going to get the female spayed, because it will prevent a medical problem from worsening.

September 5, 2007 at 12:36 pm
(99) Betty says:

I have several cats now. I love cats but did not expect to have any in this phase of my life due to financial restrictions. However I gradually came across abandoned “pets” that were close to death from starvation and lack of water and I could not walk away. So for the first year I ended up with two ( a Siamese and a Himalyayan), then a third, and that was fine. Some months later I took in a girl cat thinking it would be temporary — and she had kittens in my apartment and hid them in my bookcase. I had to re-learn the most effective processing to treat each well, and went through hell when I lost a couple of the baby kittens, although the rest grew up fine. When my income improved we can go to the veterinarians now. I used the humane society’s mobile van for low income folk which will spay and neuter at no or low cost. I wouldn’t trade a minute of all this. but it has been a serious challenge. I keep reminding myself that I can improve our situation, and that they would be dead without me. It is demanding but fulfilling. In reality I do have too many (11 now, expect it to cap off at 12) — but it is like choosing between family members at this point. Although I have sent some rescue kittens on to other homes. I feel guilty if I don’t treat them ideally the best way. What is true is that I have in fact done the very best I was able. It is life-changing. I wouldn’t change a minute of it. — Betty

September 9, 2007 at 5:53 pm
(100) Robin says:

I believe as long as you can keep the area clean & can give each cat the attention it wants/needs & most importantly cover the cost of care needed, especially neutering, then it depends on each individual what the right number is. However ,a person has to also consider before you take on the obligation of caring for another living being it can’t be just when you want. Like a marriage you have to take the good with the bad. Kittens are adorable & they grow into gorgeous cats which means they go through all the age related situations also. So before you get a kitten (or any animal) remember a good caregiver will take on the responsibility of getting the animal all it’s shots, getting “fixed” , yearly vet visits,& be prepaired for the “elderly” side of life with your furry friend. But in the end it is all worth it & at least for myself I have never felt like I had to miss out on something because of putting my cats first. The highest I have had is 11 (all indoors) at one time. Right now down to 9 ranging 1 to 19 year old. all gotten from shelters, or strays or hand raised (wonderful experience!) People come into my house & can’t even tell I have 1 until they see them or their furniture. They all get their special “time” with me . Some like cuddling in the evening while watching tv. some like being on the bed just before going to sleep. Some are more morning times & some are anytime & always! I have given up going on trips or having the “perfect” house but what I have instead is the perfect home for my family…..my husband, cats & dog & myself. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

September 10, 2007 at 11:55 am
(101) Mandy says:

Abandoned or lost? I don’t agree that prosecuting owners should be done unless it can be proven the cat didn’t just sneak out and hide until the owners had no choice but to give up at some point. When the cat resurfaces (not understanding what happened), everyone assumes it was abandoned on purpose which isn’t totally fair to owners that may actually made the effort of looking for the pet and are missing it, and are unable to go back to look for it again.

September 10, 2007 at 11:57 am
(102) Tiff says:

Two was enough for us, but a Queen came along, dropped off her litter of 5 and bailed. We didn’t have the heart to give the kittens away and they’ve all proven to be really good animals. Seven is alot, but when they have good personalities, it makes it all okay.

September 10, 2007 at 12:03 pm
(103) Cal says:

Here’s the problem. The more I got, the less I could spend on their care. I got the major stuff done. And the cleaning and feeding is done. But as far as spoiling them with toys, treats and getting them regular medical checkups. Those aren’t done as much due to cost. I do the vewt when necessary (costs too much) and buy the best kibble I can buy for them, as far as toys, I make them out of stuff I got around the house, like cutting hole into boxes or using big carpet tubes for them to crawl thru. Its free and they still get their fun.

I’d say its wisest if your on a budget like me, to get no more than 2, that way you can spoil them and care for them properly. If you get too many and don’t have the heart to part with them, it gets hard and isn’t always the best for the cats or your wallet. Fewer is better.

September 14, 2007 at 12:06 pm
(104) April F. says:

I always thought I was a “dog person” until three years ago, when my sister called me to ask if I would take in a kitten she found at a gas station. I’m a sucker for a needy animal, so I said yes, even though I really didn’t want the cat. My boyfriend was TOTALLY against it, too, but Merle Squirrel ended up being his little buddy. It didn’t take long for me to fall completely in love with him. Then, almost exactly one year later, I hear a terrible little cry under my car in the driveway. It was a tiny little kitten who was so hungry that, despite his fear of people, came up to me when I brought out some food. My sister and I managed to get him onto my front proch, but he wouldn’t let us touch him. We just laid there on the porch for hours, trying to get him comfortable with us. Then Merle Squirrel came up to the window in the door, and as soon as the kitty saw him, he started doing flips and rubbing on the door. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I finally managed to trap the little guy, and I brought him in. It took two nights of sleeping with him in the room I put him in, but he finally started letting me pet him. Then I let him meet Merle, and it was terrible! Just a bunch of hissing and growling! He was TERRIFIED of Merle! I was so confused, because the first time he saw him, he seemed so excited that he was doing back-flips! I thought I was going to have to find the kitty a home, but I kept him in my room for a whole month, and loved on him all I could. He got really attached to me; he couldn’t go to sleep at night without “making doughnuts” on my chest, so I named him Dunkin (after Duunkin Donuts)and I call him Dunkin Punkin, because he is brown and black all over, except for white feet and a patch of orange on his chest. I then let Merle in my room to try again, and they played like crazy and became best buddies. So then I had 2 cats and 2 dogs. Perfect! I had no intention of getting any more cats, but lo and behold, one year later, a little black kitty showed up on my porch. She was definitely wild, and has a tendency to bite HARD, so I was determined not to let her in, and decided to just feed her outside and let her be my outside pal. However, she started to get really fat. At first, I never imagined she could be preg-o, because she was really little – probably only about 7-8 mos. old, but pregnant she was! So, of course, in she came. I named her Baby Girl, because she was just a baby having babies. Even though she was afraid to let me love on her, when it came time for the kittens to be born, she wouldn’t have them until I came in and sat with her. I got to watch all 5 babies be born and it was so beautiful (and kind of gross, at the same time – I’m glad we don’t have to eat our placenta like they do!! Ick!) After “raising” these kittens for 4 months, I cannot seem to let them go. I’ve made some half-hearted attempts to find them homes, but they all have names already and I love them so much. There are 4 solid black – Rudy, Kirby, Sable and Luna(tic) and one that looks like a Tonkinese, so his name is Tonka. My whole family and all of my friends are calling me the “crazy cat lady”, but I don’t care. I can’t imagine finding them a better home than I have given them, which is the main reason I haven’t tried very hard to find them new homes. I’m terrified that they’ll end up being outside cats, or that they will end up neglected because someone decides they didn’t want a cat, after all. So, here I am with 2 dogs and 8 cats in my 3 bedroom house. I have plenty of litterboxes and one of my sisters works at PetSmart, so I get premium food at a 30% discount, but they still cost me about $100 month in food and litter. My only concern is that they will grow up and not get along. My boyfriend keeps trying to convince me that once they are all grown, they will start fighting with each other. Is that possible? They all get along pretty good now, except I sometimes wonder about Dunkin Punkin & Baby Girl, because every day, he chases her under a chair, and they have a “hissing competition”. And now Merle seems to play harder with Punkin, and I can’t tell if he’s being mean to him or just playing. I would really like to know if keeping all of these kittens is going to turn my house upside down once they all grow up. Does anyone have any comments about that?

September 20, 2007 at 1:42 pm
(105) Cynthia says:

I currently have three, one adopted from a shelter (Ziggy) and two who just showed up one day and decided to stay (Minwax and Binky). In the past, we’ve had “homesteaders,” feral cats who stick around b/c I keep a bowl of kibble on my patio (one sure way to become popular with the cat kingdom!), but they come & go, and can’t be domesticated. In the past, we’ve taken in domesticated strays, whose owners clearly abandoned them when they moved away. This irresponsibility really irks me! Once you adopt a cat, it’s for good and bad times, sickness and health, cheap or expensive, til death parts you both. IMO, only true cat lovers understand this. I don’t know why the rest even bothering have a pet.

My 13 year-old, Ziggy, sleeps against my body every night; that feels so good! My favorite cat quote: It’s impossible for one to talk about cats and appear to be sane. God, I love cats!

September 20, 2007 at 4:49 pm
(106) Betty says:

I know that there are too many cats and I can’t feed them all, but I just hate it when they are dumped near our home,are hungry and scared. We live in the country, so I guess some people think it’s okay to let them go, out here.”They will be fine”…NOT!!! Have you ever heard a cat cry because it was so hungry? I have and couldn’t stand it, so needless to say, they were fed. We have 4 indoor cats, but outside, there are at least 12 or more that people have dumped.We have caught and either spayed/neutered as many as possible, but we are on a fixed income and it is quite expensive ($99.00 each). The nearest “shelter” is 20 miles away, and it is common knowledge that cats are put down asap. I can’t abide with that!! We buy the best we can afford to feed them (once a day)and they all seem healthy and active. Maybe it is too many, but we love them all.

September 20, 2007 at 11:31 pm
(107) Jean says:

When we moved to CA we brought our 3 cats with us. We came to help my mother. She rescued a mama cat that had 4 kittens. She is a responsible owner. All are spayed and neutered. Our 3 are also. Since I have arrived several cats from up the road have made there way down here. They come from a collector, but they are all feral. This summer I did TNR. One of the ferals is female. She brought me her kittens to be fed. She is spayed now. I have her kittens and have worked with them and they are adoptable. Before adoption, they will get their shots and spay/neutered.
My Moms 5 cats and my 3 indoor is enough. I feed and provide shelter for 5 ferals here.

September 21, 2007 at 2:01 pm
(108) Donna says:

we have 6 happy, healthy cats. All rescues, all spayed/neutered with up to date shots. They are both annoying and wonderful…much like kids. They cost a fortune, also like kids and make a mess like kids. None of them have inappropriate potty problems.

But I think 6 is too many. I wouldn’t give up any of them but if I had to do it again, I’d keep it to 3 max.

September 21, 2007 at 2:51 pm
(109) Verlene says:

I foster over 20 kittens in my home for H.A.L.O. I love it. I also have 5 adults of my home.

September 21, 2007 at 3:01 pm
(110) JohnCharles Robinson says:

I don’t think there’s such a thing as ‘too many cats’; just not enough people to help take care of them

September 22, 2007 at 6:42 pm
(111) Susan says:

Having Obssesive Compulsive Disorder I found I was close to being the ‘crazy cat lady’. At that point I had 7 in a mobile home. Little by little I have come to grips with all the issues of personal cat overpopulation. I now have only 1 sweet tortiseshell who is nearly a year old I think. She moved herself in over the Winter. It was cold and she literally followed me in the door. Then she cleared everything off the top of the refrigerator and settled in. When it was time to choose from the 4 I had, it was her. The others have been adopted out. Benita is quite right–costs of food, litter and vet bills can kill a limited income. I am recovering from that as well. Wish I could handle more furry babies but it is not fair to them since they couldn’t get the care they deserve. Many tears went into the decision but Amie and I are happy together now.

September 22, 2007 at 10:46 pm
(112) Barbara says:

I have one 15 yr. old cat and 4 feral cats that have been inside now for 7 years. They have adjusted slowly but well, and each is different and special, and loved. I live in a single wide mobile, but everyone has their own place to sleep and all get along. I feel privileged to know all these wonderful animals, which would be dead by now, if not taken inside and loved. In the mountains, I had 35 cats, 4 dogs and one horse. So, as long as you can care for them, there is no magic number. My world is a far better place because of them.

September 23, 2007 at 7:04 pm
(113) SK says:

I would like some help regarding my friend who has managed to amass 16 cats and 3 dogs. Both the cats and dogs urinate all over her house which is small (1500 sq.ft.). She cannot maintain the amount of litter boxes she has. Cats sit everywhere and she has even added eating dishes as centerpieces at every table in her house. She won’t consider giving up any. The smell at her front door with knock you over. What am I missing here?

September 30, 2007 at 4:17 am
(114) Sharon says:

I have 4 precious babies myself. They range in age from 5 months to 8 years.ALL are rescues…and ALL are spayed and neutered. They get good food..vet care…treats..toys…cat houses..scratching posts and LOVE!!The key is to KEEP them healthy…it’s a lot cheaper that way. I lost the love of my life in April of this year…a BEAUTIFUL tabby…she was also a rescue…and I help all the cats that I can in honor of her…plus I love cats. I also feed all the strays in my neighborhood..and several cats left behind when people move…and others that neighbors just get and throw out as “outdoor” cats. Of course they are not neutered or spayed. So some of the local humane societies are kind enough to have it done..but it’s a never ending problem.Myself…I have been with the same humane society as a volunteer for 12 years now..but I have always rescued animals on my own…even as young girl.Oh..how could I forget…I also have a beautiful calico/tabby living on my enclosed porch…it took me a year and a half to get her to trust me..and yes…she is also spayed…and very happy…I take very good care of my cats…as long as they’re happy..I’m happy! They make my life worth living!Thanks to all the cat lovers everywhere who take care of their own cats…plus the ones who are forgotten or left behind!

September 30, 2007 at 8:59 am
(115) Lea says:

NEED ADVICE! We have 3 wonderful cats, very happy. The other night a stray at a gas station hopped into my husband’s truck through the window. We have it in our garage with food, litter box, fleece. Very affectionate, but very nasty if it sees our cats…growls terrible …almost like a split personality. we think it is a young female. Seeing vet on Tues, to find out age, shots, diseased? and schedule spay/neuter asap. Major concern: can anyone advise me on whether the 3 cats will adjust? The vet says keep it separate until it is tested for disease.
I am worried this cat will terrorize the other 3 cats once we bring it into our home…or vice versa.
WILL these 3 cats adjust to a fourth?
Very worried about that. We love this cat, kisses our nose, pumps on the palm of our hand, purrs, but very nasty if it even glances at our cats when we 0pen the door to go in the house. THANK YOU for ANY advice…Please addres your first sentence to “Lea” . blessings to you all!

September 30, 2007 at 9:24 am
(116) Lea says:

Hi, at the gas station the other night a loveable stray cat jumped through the window of his truck. It is in our garage now with food, water, litter, and we are taking it to the vet Tues 10/2 to check for disease, spay/neuter, shots, etc. I NEED advice asap. The cat is very loveable…kisses my nose, purrs, pumps,,,but very nasty if it glances at our other 3 cats in the house. Can anyone advise us on how to get a strange stray to co habitate with 3 cats that already live here. Our 3 are wonderful, content and happy. Did NOT plan on 4 cats. Originally had TWO, but rescued the 3rd, as a kitten, from under a car at a mall. THIS cat has nipples, probably a female, not sure of its age, not a big cat. Anyone who can advise me I’d sure appreciate it. Please address me as “Lea” THANK YOU

October 15, 2007 at 2:52 pm
(117) Beth says:

I might as well join the crowd. I have 29 cats in my house ( I have two completely enclosed outside pens), three outside cats, and I feed feral cats on the way to work for a local humane organization. All of my cats are in good health and get good food. My house is relatively clean. I work hard at it with no one to help me. I also work full time and have to spend $150 or more each week for food and supplies. I have cut back as much as I can without compromising the quality of their food…my house is a little kennel with shelves, scratching posts, cages, cat trees, an enclosed porch for sunning, and lots of litter boxes. Also one of the pens is part pine shavings for litter…it’s easier to change than sand…
I also have two old dogs. The dogs are exhausting. Add them to the cat care and it won’t be long before I feel like I will lose my sanity. I have no social life, no time that I’m not working for the animals, and no help. There is inappropriate urination by some. I have had to replace my furnace ducts and now I cover them with pee pads..There is a big load of laundry to do every day…feeding and medicating takes an hour in the morning and almost as long in the evening. That’s just the cats, not the dogs, nor the outside cats (one is fiv pos and has her own accommodations in a shed/attached pen), nor the maintenance in the basement…(litter boxes and pee pads on the cat walkway that goes out to the biggest pen.)
Well, you get the picture. I am almost 59 and wonder what will happen to me. I need to outlive these cats, at least most of them. (The dogs are old)..I can’t take in any more and I want to, as seeing a stray breaks my heart. The two humane associations that I help try to feed and provide shelter for ferals and I want to take them all home but I know I can’t–we’re all getting old!
I love every one of my 32 and try to spend a little time with each one. Some are needier than others, so I go accordingly in my activities. Some are clinging vines and never leave my side as soon as I arrive home.
I just wonder how many more years I can do this…just a little help would make ALL the difference. I have to figure out how to afford it somehow..

November 29, 2007 at 5:30 pm
(118) Kat says:

I have six cats and they are both indoor and outdoor cats meaning they come and go as they please. I am pretty much a sucker for any cat that wanders in my path. Only one of my six cats were born at my house. The rest are stray cats that I have brought home. Most of my cats are better off simply because now they have food and shelter even though I can’t afford to take them to the vet on a regular basis like I should. All of my cats are fixed, however. I think people can have as many cats as they can afford to feed and tend to.

December 2, 2007 at 6:05 pm
(119) Allen says:

I live in a two bedroom, 1-1/2 bath condo and have one three month old kitten who I have a strong bond with. I have been planning to get a playmate for her after her AIDS and leukemia tests, which she recently tested negative for. However on a recent trip to the animal hospital I looked at four kittens, and my favorite is one of two brothers. So now I am debating whether to get one kitten or perhaps the two brothers since I would hate to split them up. I am trying to decide if a total of two kittens or three is the right number for me. Affordability is not an issue.

I welcome any comments.

December 11, 2007 at 8:23 am
(120) Charlotte says:

I’m sorry, but having read some of these comments I’m horrified at the person who allows SIX cats to use their entire house as a toilet AND doesn’t flea the animals, so that her own son is covered in flea bites. This really is too much. At what point does it become acceptable to compromise the health of your own child for that of a cat/cats? I’m sad to say that a friend of mine adopted only three cats and had the same problem with them using her house as a toilet AND with fleas biting her son – not only did the animal rescue service come and take all the cats away but they reported her to the social services/child welfare department who then came and took her two sons away, with the argument that the hygiene risk posed by the cats urinating and defecating everywhere was enough to justify them taking her children away, as it demonstrated a lack of ability in caring for the children. This is sadly a true, unexaggerated story – I’d take heed of it if I was an animal owner & lover AND a mother.

January 9, 2008 at 11:25 pm
(121) CAThy says:

I have been questioning my own sanity after adopting cat #4 this week. I have a 7 year old female(adopted as a half-dead kitten), a 2 year old female, a one year old male. The male actually really reduced the infighting the two females were doing – things got easier. Then the day after Christmas, a colleague professor posts to other faculty about a calico-tabby who she found starving and freezing on her porch. She is alergic so I said yes. I have a nice size house – with only fish as other pets. One cat is indoor-outdoor, too. I think it will work out but I don’t think I will add any more because I don’t like changing litter that well. Yes, they are my family! Also – FYI – I grew up in a family that raised Persians so we always had at least 5 adults plus kittens. Maybe it varies with our childhood experiences.

May 15, 2008 at 5:17 pm
(122) Sue says:

I do cat rescue in Alaska out of my home. I personally have 6 cats, but have had up to 10. I also have between 15-30 foster cats at any given time, to sometimes include litters of kittens. It is a lot of work when I’m at my max, and my goal is always to rehome all cats I rescue. One needs to be careful that all the cats needs will be met with the numbers of pets and people in the household.

May 15, 2008 at 9:54 pm
(123) Jessie says:

I just want to update my post from August 30.

The kittens are now almost a year old- we couldnt bring ourselves to let any go- so we have 6 cats and now that the kittens are older we actually have a very healthy way of managing.

We have the resources to take care of them and have and continue to.

One of the kittens has a home with one of my best friends when she gets her own place and we will be so sad to see her go but I know its a good home.

In any case I cant imagine life not having these fantastic cats- as much as they drive me crazy some times- 6 is not too much for us anymore.

September 23, 2008 at 10:49 am
(124) Misty Smith says:

I am a Cat Person! I find that cats are very smart and intelligent creatures. I like to just sit back and watch them try to figure out things. I just have one question though. My female cats bottom set of nipples are swollen and I am not sure why. Any suggestions?

October 31, 2008 at 5:48 pm
(125) scott says:

My opinion about how many cats are too many.
I am not certain certain, about the equation. I think that it should be reversed. How many humans are too few for a cat.
My wife and I had a Persian who had so many bad traits we barely could keep ahead of the problems. The breeder used torn newspaper as bedding for the kittens. Our guy almost never used the litter box and would prefer to do his business anywhere else. I gave up on him so many times. We finally tried newspaper and he had better luck hitting that. He still would poop and pee just about anywhere. On the bed, our floors, even on the counter tops. One time he pee’d in his empty food dish. So in this circumstance one cat streched the too many.
So many different conditions tell you how many are too many. The amount of cats total, how many are inside all the time, outside all the time, in and out. I have 4 cats and that is my limit. There are days I have a no cat limit. They are like kids where you love them, but wish they would leave you alone once in a while.

December 21, 2008 at 4:22 pm
(126) Corinne says:

I’m so gratified by all the comments at this website. It’s so refreshing to see caring people doing what they feel is right. In my lifetime, I’ve rescued and placed 72 cats. Sometimes with the cooperation of animal welfare groups but more often at my own expense. Their resources are stretched thin. Irresponsible people who buy a pet at a store or flea market then refuse to pay for a spay/neuter force stray cats onto the street. These are not feral cats. They can’t be altered and released and it’s time people step up to their responsibilities as pet owners. As far as ‘how many are too many’ cats goes, I don’t think there’s a simple equation. The space, personalities, ages, finances, and local and residential ordinances determine what is acceptable. Living in a stressful household is not acceptable regardless of the number of cats. I’ve known rescuers who kept a Mom and multiple kittens and they all get along. Some cats want to be only cats and others enjoy other cats. Some former strays prefer to live indoors but don’t want to be handled or even around people. There are no rules. And, as we rescuers know, what’s the alternative? Caged at a shelter then death. And do any of us ever get credit for saving taxpayer dollars? Do we get tax breaks? Nope. Just ridicule as “crazy cat people”.

I’m sick and tired of psychologists and pundits who despise animals imposing their tripe on the public. Every time some poor animal hoarder is on TV, I cringe. I have family who hate animals. Non-animal lovers who rant over “crazy cat people” have created an unfortunate situation. It’s no wonder responsible, multiple cat owners go ‘underground’. I’ve known individuals with 5 or more dogs. No one calls them crazy. Caring for multiple dogs is far more time consuming and financially demanding than indoor-only cats. I grew up with dogs — my parents showed Boxers — so I know from experience.

Keep up the good work everybody !

March 8, 2009 at 12:24 am
(127) Just Jenn says:

Well…..I can’t hold a candle to all the other wonderful cat-lovers on here, Thank you! As for me?…I only have 1 cat aka “My little Miss Holly-Girl”. However, she’s not having any part of a brother/sister EVER and I can’t blame her.

She’s a Shelter cat from a wonderful organization that’s a no-kill/open room policy. Apparently, she had a home prior to Shelter life and then they dropped her off due to “allergies”(they had kids). So pathetic, huh? She was 4 then.

But my little Holly was terrified there. She was labeled “unadoptable” because she just wouldn’t come out of her cage…for 4 years she waited. Her fur matted terribly from laying side to side, day after day.

Yep, she held out and never gave up hope for that perfect home again…She’s 9 now… I picked her up last June and she was definitely the “1″ that needed the home most. She’s absolutely FABULOUS! She was completely trained, very soft-spoken, so sweet, has great manners and best of all….she’s in her forever home. She goes to the groomer every few months and LOVES it. I’ve promised her it’s just her and I because she earned it….so “JUST ONE” for me and I’m OK with that….even though I’d like lots!

I hope people read this story and maybe consider older or even the “unadoptable-type” cat when adopting…she couldn’t be more purrrrfect once she settled in her forever home.

June 21, 2009 at 3:27 am
(128) katz 5253 says:

Just Jenn,
What a wonderful person you are. On the other hand I have not been in that situation. You see they find me. We lived in S.Florida I was told I might have cancer depressed I and 5 other girls in the neighborhood Started getting all 36 the feral cats fixed. I was feeding 22 cats. Most got homes, some died from cars or mange. At the end I sold my home and moved to NY, bring with me 8. Then here we go again a cat with kittens which I took in for someone else to care for. I moved to the country 5.8 acres. Then here comes Patches yes I kept her and her babies. I lost 3 because of the food they were eating. My last one just came in, his name Sylvester a black cat. He is a love. The only reason he came in was he was bitten by a chipmunk. Giving antibiotics he needed to be in so I could give it to him. April to June we are finally done. It took a long time because he was bitten so many times. This is my last one. So now I have 11. So now my babies which adopted me are only eating the best food. Unless my Charcoal comes back again. I have lost him twice but 3 has its charm. I have learned not to feed them commercial foods.
I am so happy “My little Miss Holly-Girl” found you. She waited a long time for you. God bless you both.

June 30, 2009 at 5:07 am
(129) greenbird says:

My husband and I have 7 cats in a 750 sq. ft. apartment. it’s a teensy bit of a hassle at times, but we have more than enough room for three litter boxes which we clean every other day, and I also vacuum every other day. our cats(Sushi, Princess, Izzy, Marley, Severus, Albus, and Leela) range in age from 6 months to almost 3 years old, and they get on fabulously. They each get plenty of individual cuddle and playtime, and adore each other. (Oh, and they are all fixed[but not declawed] and strictly indoor cats, as it is cruel to let your cats[your children, really] out to fend for themselves for any length of time).

August 6, 2009 at 2:56 pm
(130) Colleen says:

In my ideal world I would have many cats and would love to be a home for the un-adoptable. In reality our home accommodates just a few four-leggeds (who are our “children”) and a balance has to be made between my older cat who rules and my husband’s rat terrier, not to mention the elderly blue healer we inherited. There is a time in the future where we plan to introduce 2-3 new cats and 2-3 rat terriers to the house, but for now the old “ladies” need us and any newbies would create quite the ruckus. We have found that the rat terrier and cat combination is ideal and the two are like brother/sister, with the cat helping us train the dog.

August 8, 2009 at 11:38 am
(131) Robin says:

I believe it depends on the condition of how well a person can properly care for them… Dr’s visits, food, & such. A person needs to be able to afford the cost that comes with a animal & also the time & patience that may be needed. This means 1 cat could be too much for some people or like where as in my case, I have had as many as 11 indoors at one time, but they have all been healthy, fed well & kept clean (brushing). If any had a medical problem it has been addressed right away & gotten the proper medication or whatever needed to get better.We have been fortunate that my husband & I have been able to afford to be able to care for them as needed & have had the time to spend with each & every one of them. Also they have all gotten along with each other & I think that is because we have always made time for one on one with them & they know they are all loved & do not need to compete for our attention

August 13, 2009 at 4:41 pm
(132) John Cochanes says:

I live in Tijuana, Mexico right downtown and need help desperately to get 7 Ferel kittens to safety and their mother who is pregnant again. I am no good at trapping as I did it two times before with other cats and the look of betrayal in their eyes killed me. I am 74 and have spent $700 to feed these cats for 2 months waiting for help from two organizations that said they would be here and have not come. My landlord is ready to kill them and I am doing crazy with worry. Any suggestions. The cats come out from around 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. They are adorable and almost as big as mama. Please send me any advise you can. I am desperate. God bless all. John Cochanes

Edited by Cats Guide to remove phone number, address, and email address. Please post replies here.

October 27, 2009 at 8:38 am
(133) Josey says:

I am in a awquard position as my other half, male adores cats. At this current time we have 21. I personally think this is too many as I lived on my own and had 2 cats. We have takin in stay cats, pregnant cats but he refuses to get rid of any once we have taken them in. I managed to rehome the last 3 kittens we had and trying to rehome some of the others to his disapproval. Most rescue places near us have waiting list as they are full. The majority of the cats live in an outbuilding we have which has a run. They are all keep clean and have a natural outdoor enviroement and an indoor enclosure with heat but I worry we have too many. The cats seem happy and are healthy but I worry about the vet bills if any get ill etc. We currently have no children but want to plan kids in the future and I think that they will be a problem? It has been a real arguing point lately but dont know who to turn too? The cats are feed dry food and wet food avery few days but financially we are going to struggle if we carry on and kids come along. I love my other half very much but am at the point of leaving as I feel some of the cats will be better with families etc. I have been tempted to call the rescue centre for advice but I dont want them to swoop in a take them all? I really need some sound advise. Can anyone help?

February 23, 2010 at 11:30 am
(134) Jkittycat says:

I said both 1 and over 15 because we have a cat that’s rather territorial, but I would LOVE to have a lot of cats

June 20, 2010 at 2:42 pm
(135) cecilia says:

so to me our cats are our babies. there are three of us myself my husband and our son. we decided that two or three cats should be the max for us because cats need a lot of love and attention and with only one cat per human each cat has love and attention he deserves. and they each have their own personal “cat lap” we have two cats right now and plan to someday adopt one more. for the record our younger cat came from a pet store. but we live in a VERY small town where the pet store is privately owned and the owners found a box of kittens on their doorstep that morning and we took one home with us. so not ALL pet stores buy from “cat farms” the smaller ones here take in rescues or neglected cats AND dogs!!! we love our kitties and they are our two youngest children. :)

July 21, 2010 at 11:19 pm
(136) Alice says:

As a cat owner of 2, I admit it is difficult for me not to want to add another one in the family. The only person who stops me from doing it is my dad.

It is very difficult for me to have outdoor cats in my yard and not want to rescue them. The best I can do is feed and water them. There’s this one cat who has taken to me. I’ve asked my dad if there is something we can do for her to get a home, typically he doesn’t have an answere.

August 27, 2010 at 12:57 pm
(137) Bill says:

Thanks to each of you who sacrifice time and money to care for your cats and kittens; my wife and I have 6 inside cats and an additional 12 that are in the large fenced in back yard (and, yes, we spent a lot of money to “catproof” the fence); We do not regret spending one dime at the Vet’s office or at Petsmart…cats are wonderful pets with each having an individual personality…about 3 months ago, we had to put an older cat “to sleep” on the the advice of the Vet…I cried and missed him for weeks….cats are the epitomy of pure love in this world and to reach out and touch him or her is like reaching out to touch the face of God.

November 1, 2011 at 11:15 am
(138) deby says:

You guys are great!

May 30, 2011 at 4:26 pm
(139) Jds says:

I have two cats; my older cat who was adopted when I had another kitty, cries if she does not have a kitty companion… So, two. If she managed to live by herself successfully, I would have one.

December 9, 2011 at 4:03 am
(140) Kitten_Smitten says:

I have eleven indoor only cats, one cat goes in and out.

I have five outside only cats in my yard which is about an acre .

I manage two feral colonies. One colony of cats lives at our pallet yard and consist of 22 cats varying in degrees of tameness – they are my “working kitties” whose job is to be cats they are my eco friendly pest control – We havebn’t dilivered a rodent, lizard or snake to any of our customers sense teh cats came to live in the yard

Last winter a colony about two miles from my house was abandon by the lady who was feeding them The people who helped me get my pallet cats sterilized found out and contacted me asking if I could help with them long enough to get them sterilized – It took months to trap the thirty some odd cats. After they were all spay/ neutered / vaccinated I simply kept feeding the colony – It still has over twenty members. It is the largest of the four in the area – The other three smaller ones near by are manged by the business owners near by. When I finished TNRing my colony I began trapping and sterilizing theirs – much to their delight . I have trapped over seventy cats sense March and I am still counting.

I feed apx sixty cats daily – but not all of them live with me nor do they all live with each other.

March 4, 2012 at 11:13 am
(141) Tammie mcinnis says:

My name is Tammie McInnis and I am a cat owner. I had more then four cats in my possession when one of my cats got into trouble for meowing at a neighbors door and scratching. The local animal control authorities asked me how many cats I have and I said five and told me that I have to turn one in to the humane society or find a home for it somewhere else. In my mind being one of the most financially wealthy family in town that having one extra cat more then what town limit of four per household says isn’t that big of a deal. I’m very concerned now for the welfare of the cat I turned in and if the cat feels abused. So how many cats is too many?

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