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The Closer's Kitty, Kyra Sedgwick's Cat Both PTS

By June 25, 2009

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One of the saddest examples of art imitating life came Monday night when Kyra Sedgwick wept genuine tears as she held Kitty, her character Brenda Johnson's cat, in her arms. According to Today/msnbc's article, the story line was necessary because Miss Kitty, the cat who played Kitty, was terminally ill, and the show's creator, James Duff didn't want to replace her.

Sedgwick broke down during the filming of this episode, because she had had to put to sleep her own cat just weeks before. Her tears were apparently not the only ones shed. Duff told the reporter,

"There were lots of people weeping when she went through the last scene with the cat," Her last moments with Kitty are so heart-wrenching. Everybody felt that way. In fact, I got more comments on the day we shot that scene than on any other scene we had in the show. We were all upset."

The scene showed Johnson holding Kitty in her arms as she was being euthanized in her home, and telling her tenderly, "It's only because I love you so much." That's much in line with what I would say to Kyra Sedgwick, and everyone else who reaches that painful decision time for their loved cat. "Making this final decision is the most loving, selfless acts you can do, and your cat will be grateful for giving her a dignified and peaceful passing."


June 25, 2009 at 10:02 pm
(1) Pat says:

Having an elderly cat with kidney disease myself, I was bawling when I watched that episode. I had heard about Kyra losing her own cat, and you could see that the emotion was real. I pray for the courage to do what needs to be done when Raleigh’s time comes.

June 29, 2009 at 6:43 am
(2) catzilla02 says:

Thank you for your wonderful site! We have had a bad run on our “furbabies” this year. All were abandoned at various times, and had to be put down for different reasons, after years of being our family.

I’ve wished SO often that a vet would come to our home, to save the poor, ill kitty one last frightening ride! It sounds like the program is underway elsewhere, but I would love to know if any vets in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area do this?

July 4, 2009 at 1:49 am
(3) kurbie says:

I suggest asking your vet about house calls for PTS – many will do it but they usually don’t advertise it. We have a wonderful vet who came to our house for one of our cats in 2002. Our kitty was very sick for a long time, and she really hated going to the vet – we didn’t want that to be her last memory. Luckily we asked our vet if she’d come out to our house as a favor: it was a blessing for our kitty and for us.

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