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FAQ: Why is My Cat Vomiting so Much?

By November 7, 2012

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Linda emailed me because she was very worried about her cat, Bosco, who had been vomiting continually for several days. She wanted to know why he was vomiting frequently and what she could do about it.

photo of veterinarian examining cat Because her question was short with few details about her cat's history or other symptoms, there were a significantly large array of potential possibilities. It could not be responded to with any degree of brevity, so I wrote the lengthy response it deserved. As always, I included my normal disclosure, since I am not a veterinarian, and do not wish to be accused of practicing medicine without a license. In any case, even licensed veterinarians would not be able to diagnose nor treat a cat without a hands-on examination. Therefore, my articles about feline health conditions are only meant to give general information about possibilities, as a starting point, with the expectation that the reader will take the cat to his or her veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.
Photo Credit: © iStockPhoto_Dennis Guyitt

In the case of vomiting, where there are a plethora of medical conditions in which it is a symptom, some, such as antifreeze poisoning, are of extreme urgency. A cat who has swallowed certain types of antifreeze may die quickly without immediate veterinary intervention. Other medical conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Disease, are urgent and indicate the need for a veterinary appointment ASAP. Please read my full article for more details.


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