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Stress and Urine Spraying by Cats

By November 26, 2012

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Thanksgiving day was the one year anniversary of moving into our new home in a forested paradise, and we love it more every day. The cats do to, but being cats, they are more sensitive to external happenings than we are. For example, the day before Thanksgiving, we had problems with both toilets, which was traced back by the plumber to a drain blockage in our septic tank. I'm sure I telegraphed my stress to the cats, plus having a worker in heavy boots coming in and out of their home was the magic quotient for new stress. As if that weren't enough, Jaspurr has started marking his territory by spraying urine for several days, including the hallway near our front door.

picture of Feliway Comfort Zone Plugin A double-whammy cat behavior problem like this requires a sort of "shot-gun" solution. First, I fired up up the Feliway Comfort Zone Plugin and let its friendly pheramones do their thing to help Jaspurr and the other cats relax.

Next, the area of Jaspurr's spraying was a giveaway that it could be territorial defense spraying. Sure enough, yesterday I detected the inmistakable aroma of whole tomcat pee spray in the area of our porch outside the front door, both on the door itself, and on the wood planking of the porch. We have a number of outdoor cats in our area, and unfortunately not everyone believes in spay/neutering their cats. Perhaps it was either a "welcome to the neighborhood" message, or, more likely, one of the "get out of Dodge" type.

I used the old, reliable Just Rite Urine Cleaning Products. After many past discussions with Bill, the owner and product developer, I knew to use the 3X Instant Odor Neutralizer since these were hard surfaces. I mixed it with a 3:1 ratio of water to 3X in a spray bottle, then used it liberally on the floor, wall, and door area both inside and outside the house. In a few days I'll use a blacklight to see if there is any new evidence of spraying. If so, I'll reapply the 3X, and report back to you when I have conclusive (hopefully positive) results.
Photo Credit: Farnam Companies, Inc.

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