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Cat Breed of the Week: LaPerm

By December 11, 2012

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The LaPerm cat had an humble origin, with the first kitten in a litter of six, born in a barn in an Oregon cherry orchard, near the ancient hunting and fishing grounds of the Wishram Indians. Although the kitten was born completely bald, her skin showed "a blueprint" of tabby marking, and by the time she was eight weeks old, she was growing a coat of soft, wavy hair. Named "Curly," like the other barn cats, she grew up to breed freely, and soon other bald/curly kittens were born.

The orchard's owner, Linda Koehl, knew nothing about breeding and genetics, but she recognized that she had something very unusual going on. She started separating the curly cats and supervising their breeding, over a 10-year period, and named them "La Perm" (wavy or curly). When she eventually started showing the LaPerm cats in cat shows, the response was so enthusiastic that the breed continued to develop. LaPerm cats are lauded for their lovable personality. They love human contact, and are ideal "lap cats." They are inquisitive and active, and very intelligent, but will drop whatever they are doing to sit on your lap when invited. The LaPerm is a truly captivating cat, delighting everyone who sees one. The photo you see here is of Tipi, TICA Supreme Grand Champion Arohanui BC Tiponi Seal Silver Torbie Point and White LaPerm. Tipi is the first whole cat LaPerm Supreme in TICA.
Photo Credit: Jerrie Wolfe, Arohanui LaPerm Cats

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