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    Kitten Care - Your New Kitten

    Welcome to the About Cats Email Class on Kitten Care. This is an 8-lesson course with lesson plans mailed weekly, that runs the gamut from preparing for your new kitten through the things to watch for during your kitten's first year. You may take the class online, by following the links below, or to receive by email, scroll down and fill in the boxes.

    Course Outline by Lesson

    1. Preparing for Your New Kitten
    2. Introducing Your New Kitten to Your Household
    3. Food and Nutrition for Your New Kitten
    4. Grooming and Maintence of Your Kitten
    5. Training and Discipline of Kittens
    6. Playing With Kittens
    7. Indoors vs Outdoors
    8. Your Kitten's First Year
    Enrollees' Comments

    The course was very thorough and informative. I learned a lot about taking care of my 8 month kitten. It covered all areas of concern and was fun too. I love the website as well, and check it out almost every day. THANKS!

    To better care for our new kitten including orienting her to our home with two small puppies and also the proper foods to provide her. Great - I like it in email form.

    It was great! Me, never having a cat before, really had no idea, so it was wonderful to have some steps and rules. He's growing into such a cute little cat!

    There are a few things to keep in mind before enrolling by email:

    • Enter your email address carefully. If you make a mistake, I'll get a "bounced" email, and I will have no way to let you know.
    • If you use an ISP that filters "spam" email, such as Earthlink,you must turn it off to receive the class, OR include cats.guide@about.com in your "approved" email list in order to receive the course lessons.
    • Should you feel you need more time to digest the information, take it. Some lessons may take months to fully process (such as Lesson 3, on food and nutrition.)
    • Likewise, if you want to move ahead, or if you already have a rambunctious kitten who is out-pacing you, you may "read ahead" by clicking on the "Missed Lessons" link at the bottom of each lesson. Then select the lesson you want emailed immediately

    There is no final exam, and you won't be graded, but the rewards of watching your kitten grown into a stunning, healthy cat are priceless.

    * required

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