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    The Role of Food in Your Cat's Health

    Outside of regular veterinary care, the food your cat eats is the most important factor to his health and longevity. These lessons will teach you everything you need to know about cat food: how to read labels, how to choose it, and foods you should avoid, and why.

    This course is ongoing, and no matter when you sign up, you'll start with lesson one, and move on with one lesson each week, to the final lesson, when you and your cat will "graduate" There are a few things you should be aware of before you sign up for this class:

    • Enter your email address carefully. If you make a mistake, I'll get a "bounced" email, and I will have no way to let you know.
    • Due to the amount of email I receive, I cannot personally reply to "anti-spam" measures you or your ISP may use. So if you're using something that blocks email until a "real person" sends it, you'll need to turn it off to receive the class, OR include cats.guide@about.com in your "approved" email list.
    • Should you feel you need more time to digest the information, take it. Some lessons may take months to fully process and put into practice.
    • Likewise, if you want to move ahead, click on the "Missed Lessons" link at the bottom of each lesson, and select the lesson(s) that you want mailed immediately.
    • Some of the material contained in this class is also covered in other cat care email classes. If you find a section you have already read, you may choose to either skip it or treat it as a review.
    There are no tests and no final grade, but you'll finish this class secure in the knowledge that you are giving your cat the best foods possible for his health and well-being. Priceless peace of mind.

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