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Aggression Between Family Cats

Medication, Homeopathy, & Non-Prescriptive Aids


Cat Behavior & Training > Cat Behavior 101 > Aggression Between Family Cats

If all else fails, you may have to resort to medication for the aggressor cat and/or the victim. Your own veterinarian can prescribe for your cat, or you may seek out the services of a veterinarian specializing in behavioral problems. Typical meds include:

  • Amitriptylline
    Sometimes prescribed for the aggressor cat to calm down his aggressive tendencies.
  • Buspirone or
  • Valium
    These are both anti-anxiety meds, and may be prescribed for the victim cat, or in the case of redirected aggression, for both cats involved.
  • Non-Prescriptive Aids
    Many holistic remedies are available for stress or fear that accompanies aggression by another cat. Check my listing here of Natural Remedies for Stress. Two other readily available "OTC" aids are:
    • Feliway Plug-In
      Although not actively marketed for this purpose, this pheromone-based product has been cited anecdotally as helping calm the atmosphere between aggressive feline housemates. Feliway was formulated to closely approximate the "friendly" facial pheremones cats use to mark their territory. The Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-In plugs into an electrical socket and diffuses the pheromone throughout a room. It is available online, and in most pet supply stores.
    • Bach's Flower Essences, particularly Rescue Remedy are widely used for stressful situations. A drop or two in the cats' water dish each day may have a calming effect on your combatants. Flower essences are available in some pet supply stores and in many health food stores.

Chances are that your household will rarely be troubled with severe aggression problems. By keeping your eyes open to potential rivalry, intervening when necessary, and by providing regular exercise with interactive toys, your cats will enjoy peaceful companionship for years.

May it be so.

Cat Behavior & Training > Cat Behavior 101 > Aggression Between Family Cats

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