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Why does my kitten paw the floor after eating?


Question: Why does my kitten paw the floor after eating?
Answer: The rest of the story:After my kitten eats or drinks, he paws the floor as if he is digging or burying something. Since I have never had a cat before I have no idea what he is doing or trying to tell me. Do you?

The pawing and digging your kitten is doing is an amazing exhibit of instinctive behavior (in that he probably didn't learn it from mom-cat). In the wild, cats often bury their food remains (as well as their feces) as a protective measure so their enemies can't track them. Conversely, they also spray their territory with urine as a warning to other predators to stay away.

Your little kitty is demonstrating this wonderful instinct, and it's a very positive sign that he is making your home *his*. Be sure to have him neutered at an appropriate age, so he doesn't follow through with urine marking.

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