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Tips for Purchasing a Pedigreed Cat or Kitten

Guest Article by Holly D. Weber


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While many people are familiar with the process of purchasing a purebred, pedigreed dog, the idea of purchasing pedigreed cats is still relatively new. Once you've decided that you want to add a pedigreed kitten or cat to your family, there are some important considerations which will help ensure that you have a positive experience.

First of all, do some research! You'll need to decide upon a breed that especially interests you. While you may first be attracted to a particular breed of cat because of their appearance, you also need to investigate very carefully what sort of temperament they are prone to having. And, you'll need to be realistic about your own current family situation, and whether or not this breed of feline will work well for you at this point in your life.

Are any of your family members allergic to cats? This doesn't in itself preclude the possibility of you purchasing a new kitten or cat; however, it does involve working with an allergy specialist and making changes within your home to reduce the amount of overall allergens indoors. Short haired, fixed kittens/cats are best, and certain breeds may be less likely to cause severe allergic symptoms in some people than others. Remember, it isn't fair to the animal to adopt him or her into your home and heart, only to have to find a new home for them a few months later. Adopting an animal should be viewed in every sense as adding a new member to your family.

Keep in mind that longhaired cats, while beautiful, require a great deal of grooming. Without that daily care, their fur can become matted and tangled, and cause them (and you) great distress. If you don't have the time or energy for this kind of care and additional home maintenance and vacuuming required, (or don't want to take your kitty in to a professional groomer, which is another option), we recommend you look specifically within the numerous short-haired cat breeds.

Do you have young children?? Or, plan to have a new baby in the next few years? Do you and your spouse both work outside the home, and/or take frequent trips out of town? It is always preferable to have someone come in to your home to care for your feline in your absence, so finding a good pet-sitter is going to be very important in those circumstances. If you are not home much during the day, you may want to consider the idea of having 2 kittens or cats, so that they can keep each other company in your absence. Most felines are very social creatures, and young kittens especially can become quite bored and lonely when they don't have other felines or humans to interact with.

You can find out a great deal about the different cat breeds by looking at books, the Internet, cat magazines, and going to cat shows. Cat shows are a wonderful way to actually see and compare a wide variety of different breeds, as well as a good place to find out about local breeders. Most major cat associations such as TICA, ACFA, UFO, CFA, etc. have websites with their show calendars, plus cat magazines often have a current, 2 month show calendar for several associations in each issue. Local breeders in your area can also often tell you about upcoming shows.

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