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Havana Brown


Photo of

Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner, Susitnaladys Trudy of Mokolea.

Diane Mounib, Mokolea Cattery

The Havana Brown is an "engineered" breed, in that the breed was developed by breeding black domestic cats carrying a brown recessive gene with a seal or chocolate point Siamese. In the very early part of the 20th century, the "self brown Siamese came under disfavor. Half a century later, the designed breeding was successful in developing a brown cat which was the forerunner of our present breed.

The Havana Brown is unique to gaze upon, and even more delightful to enjoy as a companion. Browns are very people-oriented and will often extend a paw to gain attention. With its charming manner and soft, gently voice, the Havana Brown would make an ideal pet for a single person.

Breed Brief:

Body: Medium sized, muscular and firm, while lithe and graceful.
Coat: Brown! Short, glistening, and a beautiful mahogany brown.
Extra: An earlier "self-brown" Siamese was sometimes called "The Swiss Mountain Cat."

Registry Standards and Profiles:

Havana Brown Clubs:

Photo Credits:

Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner, Susitnaladys Trudy of Mokolea AKA: Trudy. Trudy was featured on the Cat Fanciers Association's website under the Havana Brown Breed Profile, as the CFA National Best of Breed for 2001-2002 show season. Photo courtesy of Diane Mounib of Mokolea Cattery, used with permission.

More Breed Information :

  • Information from FBRL (Fanciers' Breeder Referral List), a great source of information on all approved breeds of cats.
  • The Havana Brown, a breed article by Richard C. Bilello written for CFA.
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  • Breeders :

    Listing of Havana Brown breeders,from FBRL.

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