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Korat cat photo

WW99 WW00 EC EP Primprau's Meo Hao

The Korat is a native of Thailand, and has been revered in that country for centuries. Their bluish-silver color examplifies the exalted stature they demand, so it is no wonder they are considered a symbol of good fortune by the Thais.

Consider yourself of equal good fortune if you find yourself "owned" by a Korat. They will reward you with years of affection, loyalty, and love.

Breed Brief:

Body: Semi cobby, with a distinctive torso. Muscular and supple, while being neither compact nor svelte.
Coat: Silver-blue with a decidedly silver sheen caused by silver tipping on individual hairs.

Registry Standards and Profiles:

Breed Profile:

"The Korat," an article written for CFA by by Cheryl Coleman

Korat Clubs:

Photo Credits:

WW99 WW00 EC EP Primprau's Meo Hao
Breeder Camilla Baird, Primprau's Korats, owner: Donatella Mastrangelo, Jadeye Korats).The photo of "Meo" was used with permission, and her breeder describes her perfectly: "Meo is a unique Korat in many ways. She is the first Korat to achieve the prestigious title FIFE World Winner - and she did it two years in a row!

Meo has a very strong personality which radiates from any pictures of her. She is a beautiful cat - large round *green* eyes, beautiful short close-lying *silvertipped* coat - these are all requirements for show quality Korats, but in Meo all these elements combine in a uniquely stunning way!"

More Breed Information :

  • Information from FBRL (Fanciers' Breeder Referral List), a great source of information on all approved breeds of cats.
  • More profile and history information on Korat cats, assembled by your Guide.
  • Breeders :

    Listing of Korat breeders, assembled by your Guide. This list is for convenience of the viewer, and is not intended to be an endorsement of the breeders and catteries contained herein.

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