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Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Cat kitten

Maelstrom Rana Nedia, black tabby and white female Norwegian Forest Cat, shown at 8 weeks

Kate Campbell, Maelstrom

At first glance, the Norwegian Forest Cat may appear to be a dead ringer for the Main Coon, and it isn't surprising because both cats came from areas with harsh climates. In fact, some may believe that the original Main Coons came from cats left behind by the Vikings in their early expeditions. Legends abound about the "Wegie." The legendary Enchanted Cat of the Forest appears and disappears at will and sees thing that men cannot see.

In any event, the"Wegies" as they are lovingly called, have been around for thousands of years, and are personable, handsome cats. Despite the lush appearance of their long coat, they require much less combing than other longhairs, despite a dense undercoat.

Breed Brief:

Body: Moderate in length, solidly muscled and well-balanced, with a substantial bone structure underneath it all.
Coat: Double coat with a dense undercoat covered by long, glossy and smooth guard hairs. Wegies have a bib with three separate sections and full britches. The Wegie is allowed every color and pattern with the exception of the Himalayan pattern or chocolate, lavender/lilac.

Registry Standards and Profiles:

Breed Profile:

"The Norwegian Forest Cat," an article written for CFA by by Cheryl Coleman

Norwegian Forest Cat Clubs:

Photo Credits:

Maelstrom Rana Nedia, 8 week old black tabby and white female kitten, owned by Kate Campbell, of Maelstrom Norwegian Forest Cats.

More Breed Information :

  • Information from FBRL (Fanciers' Breeder Referral List), a great source of information on all approved breeds of cats.
  • More profile and history information on Norwegian Forest Cats, assembled by your Guide.
  • Breeders :

    Listing of Norwegian Forest Cat breeders, assembled by your Guide. This list is for convenience of the viewer, and is not intended to be an endorsement of the breeders and catteries contained herein.

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