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Focus on Cat Food

Guide to Feeding, Foods, and Supplements for Cats


From kittenhood, my cats have always eaten the best foods

Joey, Getting into his Food

Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Many experts on cats believe that food and nutrition is the key to prime health and longevity for cats, and I concur with that belief. The old saying "you are what you eat" applies to cats as well as people. A diet of premium quality food, or a carefully prepared diet of raw meat will ensure supple muscles, strong bones, and a glossy coat.

To help readers in their search for information about cat foods easier, provided here is an index of the most important original articles, cat food reviews, and top picks of premium cat foods on the About.com Cats Site. This list will be updated regularly, and you might want to bookmark this page.

Articles on Cat Foods

Ann N. Martin's book, "Food Pets Die For," was a painful epiphany to all who read it. Several years later, the pet food recall scandal of 2007 was a tragic eye-opener to many pet owners who habitually had purchased the cheapest foods available. Even those of us who had tried to give our cats the best foods we could afford were left vulnerable to the deceitful practices of importers and Chinese producers of melamine-"enhanced" vegetable proteins. These articles will help you understand more about your cat's nutritional needs, the cat food industry, and what exactly is under those cat food labels.

Special Features

Provided here are some helpful tools in understanding more about your cat's food.

Feeding Cats Raw

Those of us who have made an in-depth study of the nutritional requirements of our cats, who are obligate carnivores, agree that the best food for cats is as closely aligned as possible to the food they would eat in the wild: namely raw muscle meat, taurine-rich organs, and bone. Pioneers in raw feeding soon developed raw food recipes which can either be prepared "from scratch" or with the more newly-developed supplements.

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