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Home-Prepared Cat Food

A Compilation of Recipes for Your Cats


I've assembled several recipes that provide the essential ingredients for a home-prepared cooked diet for your cats. It's best to alternate these meals to ensure your cat gets all the nutrients she needs over a period of time. You may want to start by offering a home-cooked meal once a week, as an alternate to your cat's normal commercial foods. Since cats are sometimes known to be fussy creatures, they may enjoy some of these recipes more than others. Feel free to experiment with ingredients, but avoid those human foods that are toxic to cats.

Kitty Breakfast¹


    1 Tbsp. nonfat dry milk
    3 medium eggs
    3 Tbsp. cottage cheese
    2 Tbsp. grated veggies

Mix together the milk powder with a small amount of water; add the eggs and beat well. Pour into a small non-stick frying pan and cook on medium low until done. Flip over and spread the cottage cheese and veggies over half the top. Fold like an omlet. Cool and cut to bite-sized pieces to serve.

Almost-Spot's Stew¹


    1 whole chicken, preferably "free range" or packaged with "no hormones or antibiotics" on the label
    2 cups brown rice
    6 stalks celery
    8 carrots, scrubbed but not peeled
    2 or 3 yellow squash
    2 or 3 zucchini
    1 small broccoli crown
    handful of green beans²

Wash chicken, then cover with water in a large stew pot. Cut vegetables into pieces and add to pot. Add rice. Cook until chicken almost falls off the bone and vegetables are tender. Completely debone the chicken. This is extremely important, as cooked chicken bones can splinter and cause serious intestinal damage. Pour the stew into a blender and blend or chop until mixture is coarse (about bite-sized). Freeze in meal-sized plastic bags.

¹Adapted from "Food Pets Die For," by Ann N. Martin
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²Garlic for cats is in a "gray zone." Some experts believe it causes Heinz body anemia, as onions do; others consider it beneficial for some conditions. Since I have a policy of "better safe than sorry," I have omitted the garlic from this original recipe.

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