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Before You Buy Cat Food


With an ever-increasing variety of specialized cat foods available, choosing the right one for your cat can be confusing. Learn to read the labels first (we've provided an easy tutorial), and you will be able to rest assured that kitty is getting the essential nutrients and no harmful byproducts. Always consult your veterinarian before switching foods, especially if your cat is on a special diet.

Premium Dry Cat Foods

Dry cat food is especially popular because of its convenience, and therefore, is the mainstay of many cats' diet. Since dry food contains substantially less moisture than canned, be sure your cat always has plenty of fresh water available.

Premium Canned Cat Food

Many feline nutritionists recommend feeding cats a variety of foods, both canned and dry, to assure adequate nutrition, and to prevent "diet boredom." You can either feed one canned meal a day, or mix a small amount of canned food with the dry. In the latter case, be sure to take up the food after an hour. Canned food spoils quickly at room temperature.

Raw Food Diet Supplements

Some cat owners prefer to prepare cat food for their cats, using fresh ingredients. Since cats require a number of nutrients, the easiest way to do this while guaranteeing adequate nutrition for cats' specific needs, is by using a purchased supplement to add to your own raw meat or poultry.

Specialty Foods

Cat food manufacturers are creating more and more specialty foods, such as weight control food, foods for promoting dental health, and food designed for a healthy urinary tract. You may try one or more of these foods, as prescribed by your veterinarian, for specific conditions in your cat.

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