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Blue Spa Select Chicken & Brown Rice Formula (Dry)

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The Bottom Line

Although Blue Spa Select Cat Food (previously called "Blue Buffalo") is relatively new to the market, its excellent protein ingredients and the added concept of "LifeSource Bits" give it a head start toward being a contender among premium quality cat foods.
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  • Superior protein sources
  • Nutrients are "cold formed" for stability


  • Limited availability
  • Some cats won't eat "Lifesource Bits"
  • High carbohydrate content is less than ideal for diabetic cats


  • Top 4 Ingredients: deboned chicken, chicken meal, whole ground brown rice, whole ground barley
  • "Human Grade" ingredients
  • LifeSource Bits are cold formed to preserve nutrients
  • Crude Protein: 34.0% Minimum (not converted to dry matter value)

Guide Review - Blue Spa Select Chicken & Brown Rice Formula (Dry)

Blue Spa Select Cat Food by the Blue Buffalo Company introduces a new concept in cat foods: the addition of nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants in "cold formed" bits scattered throughout the package. Cold form processing preserves nutrients and antioxidants that can be degraded by the extreme heat of normal pet food processing.

Blue does not contain any corn fillers, but uses Oatmeal and Rye in addition to the carbohydrates mentioned above, a larger quantity of carbohydrates than I'd prefer. It also should be noted that although the company advertises "human grade ingredients," there presently is no definition for "human grade" approved by AAFCO.

Unfortunately, my cats carefully avoided the "Lifesource Bits," leaving a tidy pile of blue pieces at the bottom of the bowl. Because there is no "typical cat" when it comes to food preferences, other cats may love this food.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
cat food, Member kathryndale

both my cats eat the chicken and brown rice food(dry food) with no problem. i have been giving one cat with an intestinal problem canned food to give extra moisture since she doesn't drink enough water. what i have found is that when it's a food she really likes and it's new give little amounts until she can handle it better.

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