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How Do I Tell the Sex of This Cat?


Question: How Do I Tell the Sex of This Cat?
Answer: You went on to say, "I've just came across a big old tomcat or janecat can't tell the difference. How do I tell what sex the cat is before his vet visit on Thursday so I don't look like a complete ding-dong? Thanks."

Look under his/her tail. If he is a "whole" (unneutered) tom, it should be obvious. You'll see his testicles. If he has been neutered, look closely and you may see two very small remnants of the sac. Otherwise, it's probably a female. Don't feel bad, though, if you're wrong-- even the experts are fooled at times.

Thanks for taking this kitty to the vet. Sounds like you're thinking of keeping him--err---her.

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