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Cat Management 101

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How To Take Your Cat's Temperature
How to take your cat's temperature and guidelines for analyzing it.

How To Convert Cat's Age to Human Years
How to determine your cat's age in human years, including an attached conversion chart.

How To De-mat a Cat
How to get rid of mats in your cat's fur with the least amount of hassle and stress for both you and your cat.

How To Pill a Cat
How to give a cat a pill without a lot of fuss, and without getting it back in the face.

How To Give a Cat Liquid Medicine
How to give a cat liquid medicine without spilling it all over both of you.

How To De-skunk Your Cat
How to deskunk your cat, with simple household products, such as tomato juice or Massengil douche powder.

How To Bathe a Cat With a Minimum of Fuss
how to bathe a cat with a minimum of fuss and bother, from your About guide to Cats

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