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Before You Buy Urine Odor Removal Products


Cat urine odors and stains have a way of lingering forever, if not treated quickly. Treated immediately, clear soda water or seltzer might neutralize the odor, but you must rinse and blot several times. The worst possible mistake is to use an ammonia-based cleaner, as cats will only return to the scent. We'll compare the best of the commercial odor removers along with other cleaning aids.

Odor Removers

Urine odor removers fall into three basic categories: enzymatic, bacterial, and chemical. Each of these is more or less effective, depending on factors such as the "freshness" of the accident or whether other cleaning products have or will be used. A good rule of thumb is to always use a urine odor remover product before using a general rug-cleaning shampoo.

Urine Spraying Prevention

Spraying (more often by unneutered males) is a whole different subject than inappropriate elimination. Cats spray to mark territory, or in some cases, because of stress. These products utilize "friendly" pheromes to discourage cats from spraying in favorite spots.

Black Lights

So you detect the aroma of cat pee in your carpet and don't know exactly where to find it. A black light is essential for ferreting out cat urine, so you'll know which areas to treat.
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