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Petrotech Odor Eliminator

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Petrotech Odor Eliminator

Petrotech Odor Eliminator


The Bottom Line

Petrotech Odor Eliminator is a fast-acting solution to dozens of odor problems found in the home. It does the job it's advertised to do, efficiently and safely.
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  • fast acting
  • all natural ingredients
  • safe for pets and humans


  • slight after-odor


  • Two versions: Direct Spray and Mist Spray
  • All natural - made from organic ingredients
  • 16 oz. cannisters provide about 30 treatments

Guide Review - Petrotech Odor Eliminator

I gave both versions of the product a full workout, using the spray mist version in bathrooms, closets, inside shoes, and in the kitchen. The direct spray product was used in all five litter boxes, in the garbage can, and inside waste receptacles. I also used direct spray on an area of carpeting with older cat urine stains, and a mattress with traces of residual urine odor after cleaning with another product. Both products were quick and effective in removing odor, although the carpet odor took several treatments. I appreciated the lack of perfumed additives, and the natural ingredients. A slight after-odor, not unpleasant, dissipated in a few minutes. I would not hesitate to recommend this product for general and specific odor removal.
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