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What Kind of Cat Are You?

Purrsonality Test Number 2

Cat lovers seem to naturally gravitate toward the kinds of cats that share their own personalities. It's true, we know, that owners quite often resemble their cats, but do their personalities match too? Did you ever wonder what kind of cat you'd be if you were fortunate to sprout fur, whiskers, and four clawed feet? Take this purrsonality test and find out.

Note: This personality test is purely unscientific and guaranteed not to turn you into a cat, but we think it's fun. What kind of cat are you?

American Bobtail


Norweigan Forest Cat


Dying to find out? Go for it!

Credits for Photos Used in our Cats Personality Test

  • Siamese is is Phuentae Psychedelica, a Seal Tortie Point kitten, who won Overall Best In Show Kitten at the Shropshire Cat Club show on 3rd February 2001; bred by Phuentae Siamese & Oriental Cats in Nottinghamshire, U.K.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat is Issy J. McKiernan (aka DangerPuss), a 5 year old who lives in London England, and sports her own web site. Her photo was contributed by Julia McKiernan
  • Ragdoll is Maggie McGee, a bluepoint owned by Karen Massie of Kitty Rags cattery.
  • American Bobtail is "Catalons Camouflage," a short hair Brown Spotted Male, from Catalons American Bobtails
All photos used with owners' permission.

Huge thanks to Tina Kells, former Internet for Kids Guide, and Mike Hardcastle, Teen Advice Guide, for sharing the technology for this personality test.

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