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Nurturing Your Senior Cat, Part 3
Much like human senior citizens, geriatric cats need a bit more attention and help from their caretakers in order to enjoy the quality of life they deserve in their advancing years. They have served us well, and we need to reward that lifetime of devotion with some well-deserved pampering in the form of grooming, claw care, and a stress-free environment.

Nurturing Your Senior Cat - Part 1
Senior cats suffer many of the same conditions and diseases as older humans, and careful managment can vastly improve their quality of life by optimizing their health and well-being.

Diseases that Target Older Cats
Deadly diseases that can target elderly cats,including feline diabetes, fatty liver disease, feline heart disease, cancer, feline hyperthyroidism, and feline hypertension, their symptoms, treatment, and management.

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