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HELP! She's in Heat!


Question: HELP! She's in Heat!
A work associate recently asked me to foster her cat. Sugar is a beautiful 9 mo. old cat that has not been spayed. I've never had a female cat who wasn't spayed, and I think she's in heat. The constant meowing and obvious distress is taxing my sanity! Do you have any suggestions about how to quiet her down and make her more comfortable? Also, I've heard that there may be a lot of bleeding. What precautions should I take? She's an indoor cat.
Answer: Unfortunately, once a female cat goes into heat, she will do so again and again (as often as every two weeks) until she is either: a) pregnant or b) spayed. It *is* extremely uncomfortable for her and will get worse rather than better. Your veterinarian may be able to give her shots to make her more comfortable. At one time, they gave male hormones for this purpose, but I think that practice has been discontinued.

Female cats in heat will go to any lengths to get outside and mate. I've also heard of toms tearing the screens off windows to get to them.

As for bleeding, you'll rarely if ever see any blood from a female cat in heat, but you might want to confine her to a room away from the main door to help keep her confined indoors.

I Wish I could be more help, but in my opinion, spaying is the only sensible answer, particularly since you seem to have made a long-term commitment to this cat.

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