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Please Help With Runny Eyes and Sneezing in New Kitten.


Question: Please Help With Runny Eyes and Sneezing in New Kitten.
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My daughter recently selected a kitten from the local animal control office on the day it was to be destroyed. So far the poor little thing has gone through an infected incision [she was spayed at 8 weeks by animal control] for which we are giving her amoxicillin, as prescribed by the kitten's new vet.

I am quite concerned because the kitten has runny eyes and discharge from her nose, and she sneezes frequently.

Do you know of a place on the web where I might look up these symptoms and possibly find out what is wrong with the kitten?

Sorry, there's no quick fix for this. She undoubtedly has a URI (upper respiratory infection) which is common with kittens adopted from shelters, as it is extremely infectious. The kitten will need to be seen again by the vet, and re-evaluated for medication, as amoxicillin may not do the trick with a URI. Although not usually fatal, URIs can be tricky to treat, so it's not a "do-it-yourself" matter.

For more information on respiratory infections, see Health Issues in my Subjects listings, which are on the left hand side of every page on my site. Another article which might prove useful as the kitten grows is "Know When to Call the Vet." Good luck to you and the new kitten.

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