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Dispensing Multiple Pills to Cats Who Don't Like Pilling


Do you have a cat patient who is not patient with pilling? One who must take multiple small pills or halved/quartered pills? Those divided pills have sharp edges, and it's no wonder cats are reluctant to swallow them. Here's a possible solution to avoid both the distress of pilling for your cat, and also the waste of pills spat out repeatedly. Check with your veterinarian first to see if this solution is feasible for the particular type of medication your cat is prescribed.

Ask your pharmacist for a supply of empty gelatin capsules. Put the prescribed pills in the capsules, then follow my how to instructions for pilling a cat. It is important to give a small amount (about 1 cc) of water or sodium-free broth with a plastic dropper ofter dispensing the pill - the capsule will enter the stomach quickly. Approach the cat from the back or the side rather than "face on," keep his head level or down slightly, and administer the liquid to the "side pocket" of his mouth, to avoid aspiration.

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