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Billy's Baby Book

Kitten Photo Album, Page 3

Welcome to Page 3 of Billy's baby album. Billy is making up for his poor development in his early months. He weighed in at only 2.8 lbs. on his first vet visit, at one week shy of five months old. Three weeks later, he tipped the scale at 4.6 lbs., a substantial gain. He still is growing, although at almost six months, we have not weighed him recently.

You can click on any of these thumbnail kitten photos to see larger pictures.

Cat Got his Tongue

Asa thinks this photo looks silly. I love it! This was taken when we still had to keep Billy isolated because of his URI.
Jaspurr's Kitten

Jaspurr and Joey were both very curious about this new little addition to our family. They were quick to spot him as I tried to scurry him from one room to another. When we finally were able to open the doors, they magically accepted him. Before too long, Jaspurr had adopted Billy as his kitten.
Dad's Lap

As soon as he was considered well enough, Asa and I started taking Billy outside on a leash. He liked sitting on Dad's lap the most.
Leash Training

Having "4 on the floor" in the great outdoors can be very scary for a tiny tyke. Billy did remarkable well for the first time, but we limited this outing to about 10 minutes.
Jaspurr Wants Out!

I don't know whether Jaspurr wanted to be outdoors, or just wanted to be with his kitten. A bit of both, I think.
King of the Hill

The green cat tree has long been Joey's private property. But he didn't object at all when Billy decided to show his climbing and jumping prowess.
Big Eyes

I just included this one because he has such a beautiful little face with those great big eyes. If you click on the small photo, you'll see Asa's paternal look.


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