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March Calendar Cats Photo Calendar
Page 14 - New Tabby Cat Photos for 2003

You can click on the small images to view full-sized photos of March tabby cats.

photo of five Maine Coon tabby cats
Rumford Maine Coons

"From Left to Right: Rumford's Good Golly Miss Molly, Willowplace Carson of Rumford, Willowplace Harlow of Rumford and Celticpride County Clare of Rumford. Some very beautiful Maine Coons who were in the mood for posing. "
-- Caron Gray

picture of Puff, a tabby cat

"He is one of of 6 tabbies that I live with. Notice I said I live with---Not they live with me. They all have different personalities. This is my climber who loves high places. Notice that he is laying on the top step of the ladder "
  -- Diane
Franny's Note: Click on the thumbnail to see another photo.
picture of Coto, a tabby cat

Cotó (meaning bobtail in Portuguese) was a stray cat adopted some years ago and the vet reckons he's about 16 years old now. He's nearly toothless but will eat anything that falls on the floor - popcorn, bread crumb, cookies. He still enjoys playing soccer with us - he's a great goalkeeper - and enjoys biting us just for fun. He's active and healthy and sleeps under the covers with us. He's our adorable baby boy.
  -- Valeria Barreira
photo of Amy, a tabby cat

"This is Amy (aka Amy O'Squeele) with a fascination for water. She is a rescue cat; currently about 5 months old, and a very verbal sweetheart. Her best friend is our border collie, Josie "
  -- AGorgiev
picture of tabby cat Stormy

"Stormy.. very spirited - Her spots and stripes are awesome. She likes to play hide and go seek with me. Favorite toys are stuffed mice and her toy with the ball that goes round and round. Very noisey too. Also likes to knock the covers off the bed where she roots herself. she might as well be a pig. "
  -- Robbie McConnell
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Photos used with permission of their owners.