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Happy Birthday Jaspurr and Joey!

GuideKittens' First Birthday Photo Album

Dateline 2-20-2003 The GuideKittens turned one year old today, and are no longer technically "kittens," although we expect them to continue developing into full adulthood for a few more months. They are fine, healthy cats, and the joy they've added to our household is immeasurable. Kittens grow up much too quickly, but our photos and memories will last a lifetime. Please join with me in "watching them grow," in this last section of their "baby album."

February was quite early for "kitten season," and I had resigned myself to waiting until April or May to find the "marmelade kitten" I had so longed for after losing Shannon at the age of 19 the prior year. "The Great Kitten Search" chronicled my efforts to find a golden boy.

One day Jill (now HOSTJill in the Cats Forum) emailed and asked if I was anywhere near Tracy. She had found a litter of kittens advertised on Petfinder.com, and one of them was "orange." A couple of phone calls later, and I received an email including photos of the babies at four days old.

It was love at first sight when I saw this glorious marmelade boy.

The rescue person was working with a neighbor to find homes for the litter, with the agreement that the mother cat would be spayed as soon as the kittens were weaned. There were five babies in all, two boys and three girls ( dilute calico, pale buff, and orange and white). Although I was leaning toward the calico girl, the "gray boy's" winsome face and sweet little white socks won me over.
(Besides, the "boys" seemed to gravitate together from the very first.)
Once we had "reserved" our kittens, we watched them grow through emailed photos, and visits as often as we were allowed. They were 11 days old the first time we were able to visit them. I cried tears of joy the first time I held my precious Jaspurr. (He hissed at me.)
They were a little over a month old in this photo, and really starting to exhibit their own personalities. Joey is the ever-inquisitive cat, and Jaspurr isn't far behind.
Eight weeks seemed like an interminably long wait, and it must have seemed so on the "other end" also. They were just over six weeks old when I came home to a phone message. "Can you come pick up your kittens tomorrow? The owner says they're running all over the house and they're driving her crazy." Needless to say, we hardly slept that night, and were up bright and early to pick up our babies.
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