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March Calendar Cats Photos

Dozens of Tabby Cat photos featured for March.

March marks the first month of Spring, when the earth is rich with promises of things to be. Tabby cats are almost as old as Mother earth herself, and are the epitome of Catness in all its wonder and glory. This month we salute our Tabby Cat friends as the cats for March with dozens of pictures of Tabbies.

You can click on the small images to view full-sized photos.

photo of Tiger, a tabby cat

Tiger is top cat with Melissa Lane, who said this about her: :We rescued her from a family with a two year old who confused her with a ragdoll. So her father asked me if I wanted a kitten and I couldn't resist. She is now 8 months old and has nicely integrated into our family. Her best friends are a husky shephard mix name Odie, and a calico named Miss Kitty."
photo of Freckles, a tabby cat

Freckles is a GuideCat, who supervises Jayne Pednigo, About Guide to Horses. "Freckles walked in one day about 18 months ago and made herself at home. She had been hanging around the apartment and obviously didn't have a home. Within a couple of weeks we couldn't imagine life without her."

"Sumner is our miracle cat. He was about two days away from death from anemia (probably from chemical damage) in May, without much hope for surviving, but he recovered completely. He loves to play with paper." Sumner lives with GalensGranny, a longtime contributor to the Cats Forum.

"This is April.....she's approximately 3 years old. She was totally feral when she came to our home. She went from running back into the woods when she saw anyone to rolling around in catnip, playing with the other kitties, and sleeping with the big dog on his bed! We think she's gorgeous!" April lives with Jean, who is totally sold on her.

Grady is a special needs cat who shares a household with upwards of 40 other rescued special kitties cared for by Eileen Poole of Feline Companions Inc. Grady doesn't have very good "table manners," but she knows she is a very lucky cat indeed. Feline Companions was the About Cats Site of the Year for 2000.

Spike74's Mom sent in Maddi's photo along with that of Fluffy, below. She says Maddi is the second oldest, but always the first for breakfast.

Spike74's Mom says, "She only answers if you call her Fluffffyyy. LOL Her middle name is Bette after Bette Midler because she walks around wiggling her bottom especial after being combed or held."
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