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Litter-ally Speaking

Tips on Litter Box Matters from the Cats Forum


Get any two ailurophiles together and the discussion will inevitably turn to litter boxes and litter. Get a whole roomful together, and it's surprising how much you can learn.

Sadly, failure to use the litter box and inappropriate elimination habits rank at the very top of reasons why people surrender their cats to shelters. I say "sadly" because most litter box problems arise from our own human failure to understand our cats' needs. Outdoor cats, from the big cats to our own tabbies, each have their own preferred texture of soil (sometimes called "substrate)" to use for elimination. Some cats prefer a sandpile; others a firmer soil. By the same token, indoor cats whose "sandpile" is the litterbox, can be just as fussy: about the texture, the scent, the cleanliness, even about the location of the box. If something is not to their liking, they will let you know in their own inimitable fashion.

Hence, the popularity of litter boxes as a discussion topic among cat lovers, from brands of litter to types of poop scoopers. We believe in sharing all the dirty little details in our Forum!

Litter Pearls

    "I've tried it but wasn't too impressed. It holds back odors for a while and then becomes saturated, thus requiring a complete litter change. With the clumping litters you remove the clumps and add new litter as needed."

    "We tried Litter Pearls, but didn't care for it. The pearls get tracked out of the litter box and roll around the floor. Sweeping them up is not simple as they roll around too quickly. I suppose you could vaccuum them easier than sweeping. They also didn't seem to cover solid waste very well, and I don't think the cats liked that very much-- "

    "Yes! It is great. We have 3 cats and it helps control the odor. There is one disadvantage, it is kinda' expensive. But what it actually does is dehydrate solid waste, thus taking the odor away. You don't find puddles at the bottom of your litterpan--- I also recommend scooping and mixing it everyday. This keeps any moisture that is at the bottom out and the litter clean.-- "
    SHEBACAT616Full Discussion

Wheat Litter

    "Does anyone else use wheat litter? We switched from clumping clay litter because of concerns that the clay might have contributed to my big guy's IBD.

    Pros: The wheat litter is highly clumping, smells much nicer than clay, and can't cause any health problems associated with clay. Also, it's completely flushable and is not dangerous for municipal or septic systems.

    Cons: The small, light particles track easily and it's a bit more expensive.

    Verdict: I'm sticking with it. The jury's out on the health stuff, but I just like the smell better."

    "I tried one called Swheat something, can't remember the name. It didn't work too well with multiple cats. Plus, some of my cats were trying to eat it."
    KATLUVR41 Full Discussion

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