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A Short Review of Some of my Favorite Cat Mags


Today we will explore various cat magazines that can be ordered online, along with one very funny online cat ezine which richly deserves mention. I often take a break from the computer or TV screen to enjoy a cup of something hot (or cold, depending on the season), and leaf through one of my favorite cat magazines. Although it's sometimes tempting to read straight through, if I can restrain myself, I'll just be wrapping up an issue as the new one arrives in the mail. True cat aficionados will appreciate the fact that the ads in the back are sometimes almost as engrossing as the articles. Our cats can't have too many toys and treats, right? Think about giving yourself a treat by way of a subscription, or surprise a friend with one. 

These are my favorites, in no particular order:

Cats & Kittens, a semi-monthly magazine published by Pet Business Inc., teases you with a couple of articles online.  But when you see the tempting table of contents featuring articles you can't read online, you'll be tempted to subscribe.  Hmmmmm...I wonder if they did that on purpose?

Cat World, published in the U.K., is a little more generous with their online fare.    gives you two or three articles from the current and previous issues.  Although the subscription is pricey, the magazine is one of the most beautiful I've seen.  I cajole my hubby into buying a copy for me whenever he goes to Tower Books.  The magazine is well-balanced with breed-related articles, general care information, and "feline interest" stories, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Cat Fancy is probably the best-known cat fanciers' magazine in the United States. Sumptuously illustrated, with a featured breed article this month, a Q&A column by a veterinarian, articles about the care and feeding of cats, and occasional features on cat welfare, this cat magazine is a popular favorite for all cat lovers. It's one of my favorites, since the demise of Cats Magazine.

Cat Fanciers Almanac, the official monthly publication of the Cat Fanciers' Association, is strictly for breeders and ardent devotees of pedigreed cats. It offers official records of CFA, highlights monthly shows, with a calendar of events and results, along with articles on breeding, genetics, and other topics of interest to the cat fancy.

Cat Fanciers' web site provides a comprehensive list of cat magazines that can be ordered by mail and/or phone. It is unknown how current the information is, so caveat emptor applies when ordering.

Cat Rags: I first found Cat Rags in 1997, and I was delighted with the talent and humor that went into this "Online Magazine". I'm still blown away by the creativity of this site every time I visit.  Alice Pineworthy, its founder and President, has done a fancatsic job!  She even has added nice little touches like a survey for Web TV users to assure her site is compatible.  You'll want to bookmark this site for sure as it's ever-evolving with juicy new articles!  Kids and adults will love it equally. 

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