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da Bird

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da Bird interactive cat toy

da Bird


The Bottom Line

If your cat can only "own" one interactive toy, make it da Bird!
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  • action galore
  • replaceable lures available


  • you may have to hide this toy between uses


  • 36" fiberglass rod for "whippy" action
  • 50# braided nylon string
  • aerodynamically configured Feathers that mimic the action of a REAL bird in flight.

Guide Review - da Bird

Da Bird is Da Word

I have never seen a conversation about cat toys without Da Bird in prominence. Cats universally seem to love Da Bird, and when our cats are happy, their human slaves are happy too. The feather action inspires cats to bigger and better play ideas, and a bit of human trickery can make the game even more exciting for your cat. Expect hours and hours of play from Da Bird, but be careful not to wear out your kitty. He will play until he crashes, if given that option. For that reason alone, it's best to hide this toy when not in use. (But don't be surprised if your cat leads you to that secret closet, with an irresistible expression on her face.)

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