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Cat Poems and Haiku

Original Offerings by your Guide to Cats


The fantastically unique characteristics of cats bring out the urge to write poetry and rhyme among the best (and worst) of us. Here are offerings from a cat lover who admittedly doesn't know Iambic from Pentameter.

Share your own, original poetry and/or Haiku by submitting it for publication on this Cats Guidesite. Who knows? This could be the start of a great career in the Arts: Interviews on Oprah, the Nobel Prize. We at About.com can say "we knew you when."

Submit your entry with our Submission Form, and I will notify you if your creation has been accepted and when and where it will appear.

These are a couple of odes to my own furry family:

    He watches me with patience
    As I work a feverish pace
    To meet another deadline,
    I ignore his loving face.

    His rumbling song beats time for me
    As fingers fly and brain engages
    Nods off and purrs outrageously,
    While I complete these pages.

    Soft shadows drift across the screen
    As daylight filters to an end
    I sigh and put the mouse aside
    And turn to face my purring friend.

    I recognize at times like this,
    How lucky to be me,
    To have this faithful Golden Boy
    Who loves me unconditionally.

    Deep, emerald eyes that comtemplate
    What do they see within my soul?
    Can they read my longing
    To be more like a cat?

    And "The Boys" respond in kind:

    Shannon's Rain Poem
    i think that i shall never see
    a raindrop lovelier than me
    i will be a happy camper
    safe inside where its not damper
    i was endowed with feline brain
    to stay indoors out of the rain

    The Miracle of Me, by Bubba
    I know I was designed to be
    Adored by all who encounter me
    With glossy fur and emerald eyes
    My glory's sure to mesmerize
    Those hapless humans who think that
    A dog's a dog; a cat's a cat
    Will surely come around to see
    The miracle that is me.

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