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Making Your Cat a Family Member for Life

Your First Cat Tutorial: Lesson 10


Bubba has Lance well-trained

Lance is obviously bonded to Bubba

Franny Syufy

New to Cats > Getting Your First Cat > Making Your Cat a Family Member for Life

If you've stuck with these lessons, you're well on your way to a lifelong relationship with your cat. As time passes, your bonding will become stronger than ever, and you will consider your cat a valued family member rather than a pet.

Congratulations for caring enough about your cat to stay the course! Today is graduation day and you can officially call yourself an ailurophile.

A Pet or a Family Member?

"R" is for "Responsibility"
Since you've stuck through a pretty intensive course, you probably already have the makings of a responsible cat caregiver. Don't pass this article by, though; it also contains helpful information on how you can help others learn to wear that coat of responsibility

The Feline-Human Bond of Love
Most people who share their homes with cats profess to love them. However, there's a definite dividing line between those who look on their cats as "pets" or even "property," and those who consider them treasured family members. I bet I know which side of that line you are on. You're in good company, you know.

Teach a Kid Respect for Animals
It comes as no surprise that the future of our planet and the creatures we share it with depends on what young people are learning today. What they learn today about respect and responsibility for not only pet cats and dogs, but for all the animals that share our planet, will go a long way in molding the future of our world.

Some Important Pages to Bookmark

Cat Basics: Resources You May Need in the Future
This page provides everything you need to know about raising cats. Other Resources you may want to save are:

The About Cats Forum
If you didn't join at the beginning of this course, be sure to do so now. Our caring forum members come from a wide background of experience and knowledge, and will be happy to help you with any future problems or concerns.

Now that you've successfully graduated this course, you will also be able to help out "newbies," a rewarding experience in itself.

Coda: Feedback on the Class

How Did You Like the Class?
Your feedback is important to me in helping to make this class as complete and understandable as it can be. I'd like to know your opinions. Did you like it? Was it too long or too short? Were there any important basics that you felt were missing?

Please complete the form linked here, and I'll be in your debt. Although the form asks for a name and email address, you can choose to remain anonymous. In any case, I'll respect your privacy, and you won't be added to any mailing lists by virtue of completing the form.

Thank you! And enjoy your lifelong relationship with your new cat!

New to Cats > Getting Your First Cat > Making Your Cat a Family Member for Life

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