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Forum Cats Photo Showcase
Page 38: Cappy


"Cappy is the biggest bundle of joy my house has seen before - and quite the mama's boy. At 2 years old, he's incredibly active, and is quite the character - he's into *everything* that isn't nailed down, and even that he'll try to chew off! He's on a diet to shed some pounds, and as a result, tries to eat everything that hits the floor - he's feasted on dropped mayonnaise, butterscotch pudding and we've been known to share a dessert or a water glass. He's just SO my baby."
- Jonna Schuyler

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The Forum Cats Photo Album is reserved for those kitties who rule the homes of About Cats Forum members. You may send your own great cat photo, using the guidelines on the Photo Submittal page. Be sure to write a paragraph or so about the cat. I can whittle down for brevity, if necessary. Also, please include your forum name, and use "Forum Cat Photo" as the subject of your email.

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