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Forum Cats Photo Showcase
Page 6: Clara

Clara Sometimescalledmolly

"I got Clara three weeks after I got her brother, Kohana. I'd gotten a job working for the pet shop they came from - in fact, I started working there the day after I got Kohana - and I saw Clara sitting in the cage, alone, day after day. She's one of the newer color variations for a bengal, and her marble pattern made her look like a normal blue/cream torti shorthair. On her registration papers, she's listed as a "seal lynx marble," but usually, that refers to a "snow" coloration - where there is a dark pattern on a white or ivory background. Her breeder bragged to me about having been breeding cats for about 1 1/2 years at the time, I suspect she had the name for her color wrong. I consider her to be a blue marble.

Since she wasn't spotted and wasn't a traditional color, no one wanted to spend the money on her. After seeing her get bypassed for almost two weeks after the rest of her litter found homes, and now knowing she'd never had a chance to lie outside of a cage before, I couldn't stand it anymore and I bought her. She was also vaccinated for FIP too early, but she didn't get sick from it like her brother did. I named her after my Dad's Mother, but then I kept finding myself calling her "Molly." She's bright and energetic, but shyly affectionate. She likes to be petted and hugged, but not picked up for long, and not too often."
- Kathy Sacksteder

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