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Forum Cats Photo Showcase
Page 19: Wooter


"Wooter was born and rescued on 14 August 2003. My husband found her as he went out for a break from work and upon seeing that she was just hours old at the most, untangled her afterbirth from the bushes she was in and scooped her up then zoomed over to whisk me up and we headed over to the animal shelter to see what we should do about her. Wooter stayed at the shelter for 1.5 days to nurse off one of the lactating queens they had there, then we took her to our home so she could be raised with a healthier environment.

Wooter's first couple weeks were a little rough on us. We'd never bottle raised any creature in our life, and it looked like she might not make it because she was having problems with runny stools and not eating as much as she should. She has thrived though! At 2.5 months old she is full of energy and is as fiesty as they come. She has a fondness for pouncing feet, biting hands, and chasing her "Big Siblings" (Roofus, Tai-Grr and Aurora) in an attempt to get them to play with her after Mom and Dad are worn out. The big siblings aren't too fond of that yet but we've just started the integration process and things are getting better each day.

We look forward to watching Wooter grow up and sharing the moments with our Forum 'family' who have given us so much support from day one!"

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