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Forum Cats Photo Showcase
Page 25: Sheldon


"Sheldon is 9 years old and is my baby. Ironically, he's also the "momma" cat in the house, making sure that the two younger girls are bathed and disciplined. I've always considered him to be quite smart - he will come and get me and guide me to whatever needs fixing: litter box (hasn't been scooped in 20 minutes), food, water, etc. He's quite "self-actualized" in that he's comfortable insisting that I cradle and rock him like a baby and sing to him when he's in the mood, yet is all for a rousing game of hide n' seek with the baby, Maggie, or a wrestling match with Trixie. He loves to be sung to (favorite song: "Put Your Head on My Shoulder"), and he loves Chinese and Italian food. "
- Missie

Franny's Note:

Missie (along with Lisa - also a Cats Forum Member) is co-director of Crazy Cat Ladies Society and Gentlemen's Auxiliary, and a great supporter to About Cats and our forum. We can thank CCLS for many of our most active members.

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