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Misty, the One in a Million Cat

Guest Feature Story by Debbie Lewis, Illustrated by Jay Corrales ©2005

Angel sat in his room holding his cat Misty and wondered what to do. He had heard his mother tell his father, "Tomorrow morning, we will take Misty to the veterinarian to be spayed."

"Spaded??" Angel said to himself. Angel didn't know what spaded meant. A spade to him was one of the shapes on his playing cards. He could only imagine what Misty would look like if she was spaded.

"Yes," Angel's father told his mother. "It is not right to have a cat that can multiply."

"You can multiply?" Angel asked Misty. Misty just purred in reply. Angel was just learning to multiply in school and it wasn't easy. He knew Misty was a special cat but a cat that could multiply? That was really special.

Angel's mother came to tell him that tomorrow Misty would be spayed by the veterinarian so she couldn't multiply. Angel knew better than to argue with his mother but he knew he would have to stop Misty from being "spaded."

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