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Misty, Secret Agent Cat
Guest Writers' Forum Article

by BalletCatter

Misty, Secret Agent Cat

Misty is a vital cog in the operations of an anonymous Department of Defense Research and Development facility somewhere in the southwestern deserts of the United States. She vigilantly defends sensitive electronic equipment and intricate machinery from enemy attack (Translation: She is a mouser/ratter). She also aids the scientists and engineers with their calculations, research and documentation by her astonishing cognitive, writing and editing skills (She's adept at the cntrl+alt+delete maneuver, at attacking erstwhile graphics when they appear on the monitor, and in keeping people at their desks with intensive lap-sitting).

Misty giving presentation
"Her assistance with presentations is internationally renowned."
She also guards against work-related injuries by giving employees frequent you-may-brush-me-now carpal tunnel breaks. Her assistance with presentations is internationally renowned (She has been known to lay in the middle of the conference room table, monitoring meetings attended by eminent scientists from all over the world). So secret is her mission that often the top echelon is unaware of her presence (There's some sort of obscure "no pets" rule that could technically be called into force should the mood so strike them). Fortunately, Misty's "stealth" skills are more than a match for the minions that try to enforce this rule. In her capacity as a research assistant, Misty once donated several strands of her fur for microscopic study. It was found to be banded with alternate silver and clear sections, to be tipped with frost and to have some sort of crystalline substance adhering to the outer edges. It was further discovered that each hair is very squiggled or zig-zags, which undoubtedly contributes to her ESP facilities.

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