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Picture of Shadow, Cats Picture of the Week

This is my beloved Shadow, my baby and best friend. He is a "domestic medium hair," and I think I see traces of Maine Coon in him.

If Shadow hadn't taken things into his own "paws," we wouldn't be together now. I went to a pet adoption weekend at a local pet supply store, determined that I would not come home with a grey/black/brown tabby cat. Every cat in my life over the last 15 years or so had been of this color. So, I wanted something different.

As I walked by his cage for the first time, the only reason I noticed him was because he meowed loudly and stuck a paw out to greet me. I kind of "shook" his paw, but went on by. I saw another cute cat, and decided I wanted to see that cat. But, when I went out to the shelter people and inquired about that cat, he/she had been adopted already. I went back to choose another cat.

In the meantime, another lady had taken Shadow (not yet named Shadow, of course) out of his cage. She began to complain that she couldn't hold him. He took a flying leap over her shoulder and I caught him. He relaxed and started to purr. From that moment, I was his. I no longer cared about his color or markings; he was perfect.

The shelter people told me that he was a 6-month-old female whom they'd named (God-awful name) Gossip. But when I took him to be neutered, of course they knew he was not female, and he was also about a year old. I was glad to have taken him away from those people who couldn't even get his gender straight.

That's the story of Shadow, who got his name because he followed me around like a Shadow after we brought him home. I'm glad he's here.

- © Penny from Utah

Cats Pictures of the Week are selected from general photo submittals. (I do not accept photos submitted specifically for "Cat Picture of the Week.") Shadow's picture will also featured in the March Tabbies Picture Gallery.

I love both this picture and the story of Shadow's adoption. This was a definite case of a cat choosing his lifetime companion, instead of the other way around. I'm very happy that Penny got the message, and I know she is too.

You may send your own photo, using the guidelines on the Photo Submittal page. Be sure to write a paragraph or more about the cat, at the very least two or three sentences. Our galleries have space for 2500 characters, including spaces, so don't be afraid to tell us about your cat within those parameters.

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