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Cats' Health Quiz
Test your knowledge on feline health
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How extensive is your knowledge about cats' health matters? Do you know common symptoms of health problems in cats and what they might mean? Take this javascript-based cats health quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about your cat's health.

This quiz contains 15 multiple choice questions, and there are no "trick" questions. A correct answer will send you to the next question in the quiz. An incorrect answer will divert you to a page with the correct answer and links to articles you can peruse later on the question topic, as well as a link to the next question. The quiz questions cover a wide variety of cat health matters, and are of varying degrees of difficulty. There is no final grade, but if you make it through to the end, you will possibly have learned more about cats' health, if you have not qualified as an expert. Enjoy!

Please make sure you have a browser that supports javascript and that you have javascript enabled.

On to the quiz!


  • Thanks and extreme appreciation to Stephen Chapman, the About Guide to Focus on Javascript, for the use of his Quiz Maker 2 Script which was used for this quiz, as well as his generous help in implementing it.
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation to PetEducation.com, for its superb resources on feline health, written by veterinarians.

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