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Breed Rescue Organizations

Purebred rescue is not a new concept, but has grown over the years. Unfortunately, purebreds are killed in shelters the same as your ordinary domestic cat, often because shelter workers are not trained to recognize breeds. In steps the purebred rescuer, who can identify the cat's breed, rescue the animal, and arrange for a temporary home until the owner or a qualified adopter comes along.

Judi Peterson, a breed identifier and foster home coordinator for Cat Purebred Rescue in Washington state, was surprised to find out how many purebreds end up in local shelters. "The shelters had been telling us that they were getting a lot of purebred cats," she says. "We cat fanciers thought they were simply misidentifying the cats, but it turned out there were more purebreds than we expected."

Go into any animal shelter in the United States and you will see all kinds of purebred cats, Michael Kaufmann, education director for the American Humane Association, asserts. "A big misconception in this country is that animals that are strays, homeless or euthanized are all mixed breeds, and they are not," he says.
Quoted from Persian Cat Rescue.

Shelters are not the only source of purebred cats in need of rescue. On occasion, an owner of a pet cat will become ill or die, and word filters out to the breeders that there is a Persian, or an Abyssinian or other breed of cat in need of a home. Sadly, occasionally breeders themselves will fall upon hard times, and other breeders step in to try to find homes for the cats. They are a very closeknit group and their first concern is always for the cats.

If you're looking for a pet of a particular breed, or would like to volunteer for a breed rescue project, follow the annotated links in our Breed Rescue Resources.

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