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Jaspurr and Joey, GuideKittens
Baby Photo Album, Page 4 - The J-Boys Still Growing

Just when I think these boys are becoming full-fledged cats, I see them next to Bubba, and remember that they're still just kittens.

You can click on any of these thumbnail kitten photos to see larger pictures.

It was another couple of weeks before we trusted them out of Lance's room. Our "great room" was probably the biggest space they'd ever seen, and it gave room for boundless kitten energy. They also were allowed near Bubba, but were on guarded behavior, although he was very patient with them.
Jaspurr and Joey quickly discovered that dining room chairs are swell sleeping spots. They shared a food dish, and Bubba patiently waited while they ate. We allowed him a tiny bite of kitten food now and then, and he was satisfied at being allowed to "share."
I saw this "Time Out" bench at a local drug store a couple of weeks before Jaspurr and Joey came home, and knew I had to have it for them. (One of these days I'll make a proper cushion for it.) Lance calls another kind of "time out," when he relaxes with all "the boys." He adores them, and vice-versa, as you can clearly see.
Joey experiences the bliss of sleeping on his new "Daddy's" chest, while Jaspurr prefers the velour blankie folded at the bottom of the bed.

More photos will be forthcoming soon, so stay tuned to watch these kittens grow before your eyes.

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