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Cats Site of the Week
dateline 5/26/00

The Cats Site of the Week honors one cat site each week for excellence in web site design, format and content. Much like sites which have received the Best of the Net awards, Cats Sites of the Week simply leap off the screen and demand to be explored. They are really in-your-face web sites, and as such, deserve special recognition. This week's honored site is just that.

Feline Companions Cats Site of the Week

The Feline Companions, Inc. is the chosen work of three women who comprise among them over 85 years of cat care and rescue. This rescue operation, located in New York, is a very special one, in that they take in the throwaway cats that no one else wants: the blind or crippled, the FIV, FIP, FeLV positive, or the very old cats whose owners have died, such as Sourpuss. All receive equal love here.

These cats are kept separately from the adoptable cats and kittens, such as the three momcats and babies rescued in March from a closet in an apartment, where they had been abandoned by former tenants. Some of the "positive" kitties can also be adopted, as long as they are in a one-cat home.

In addition to rescue and rehabilitation, Feline Companions, is also an excellent information center. You'll find articles on FeLV, the true scoop on FIV, and no-nonsense information on declawing. Learn about Buster's Bill, which finally makes cruelty to animals a felony in New York.

In a lighter vein, test your knowledge of cats with a little quiz, or learn some new household hints.

Like most of the Site of the Week sites, there's much more here than I can do justice to, so bookmark the site as a favorite, because I know you'll want to return.

A personal note:

Aside from the information on the web site, Eileen Poole is a dynamo of energy and zeal for her kitties. Twice a year, she drives several hundred miles to pick up a ton or more of cat and dog food, then makes the return trip to distribute the food to struggling shelters. In the summer months she's up at 3:00 a.m. most days and spends the day fishing for bluefish and bass to feed her kitties. Feline Companions is run on sweat, guts, knowledge and love, along with a few donations from fellow cat lovers. I know your donation would be greatly appreciated, and would be put to good use for the kitties. Think about it.

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