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Cats Site of the Week
dateline 7/10/00

The Cats Site of the Week honors one cat site each week for excellence in web site design, format and content. Much like sites which have received the Best of the Net awards, Cats Sites of the Week simply leap off the screen and demand to be explored. They are really in-your-face web sites, and as such, deserve special recognition. This week's honored site is just that.

Vote for Cats Site of the Month. Visit each Site of the Week page for the months indicated, then support the site you feel is most deserving for each month by voting. Results will be published on this page for each month, and the Cats Site of the Year will be chosen from among the monthly winners.

Maddie's Fund Cats Site of the Week

Thousands of animal advocates struggle with lives of selfless sacrifice in order to support the work they do in rescuing, nurturing, spaying and neutering, and fostering the innocent creatures they eventually hope to place in permanent loving homes. If one were to venture into the dreams of any one of these noble souls, one would find the fantasy of a life fully devoted to their rescue work without the necessity of the day to day scramble to supply enough money to continue. Cat food, veterinary care, spaying and neutering, vitamins, and kitten formula all cost money, and most of these individuals and organizations are self-funded, supplemented from time to time by small donations from other caring souls.

In steps Maddie's Fund, established in 1994 through the Duffield Foundation by Cheryl and Dave Duffield, PeopleSoft co-founder and Board Chairman. In 1998 Maddie's Fund announced its intention of spending $200 million to establish a no-kill nation, a thrilling concept to animal lovers. To head up this endeavor, Richard Avanzino, formerly President of the San Francisco SPCA, a forerunner in the no-kill concept, was appointed President of Maddie's Fund. Avanzino is in good company-- the staff of Maddie's Fund reads like a Who's Who in animal advocacy.

Maddie's Fund is not trying to reinvent the wheel. The concept behind its philanthropy is to work hand-in-hand with existing organizations by supplying the desperately needed funding to support ongoing work as well as to develop new programs. Existing projects include:

  • The California Veterinary Medical Association Feral Cat Altering Project,
    recipient of a $3.2 million grant for the neutering of 60,000 feral cats over a three year period
  • The Pet Rescue Project
    of Contra Costa County, California, in conjunction with local advocacy groups and the county animal services, with the goal of making Contra Costa County a no-kill area within 5 years. (As a resident of Contra Costa County for over 40 years, I am particularly gratified by this endeavor.)
  • No More Homeless Pets in Utah
    A joint effort with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (previous Site of the Week), 19 other no-kill shelters/humane groups, and 54 animal control facilities, with the massive goal of ending the killing of dogs and cats through the entire state of Utah within five years.

Does your organization qualify for funding by Maddie's Fund? The criteria includes a cooperative effort involving rescue groups, veterinarians, and local animal control agencies. This may seem like a daunting challenge at first, but by reading the FAQs, the reasoning will become clear.

Maddie's Fund has taken a leadership position in corporate responsibility toward those creatures who have to depend on humans for their voice. I pray others will follow their lead so the future will hold no more homeless animals.

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