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What's New on About Cats
The Week of June 10-17, 2002
A Weekly Feature by Your Guide Franny Syufy

The Latest Scoop

  • Don't Flee the Flea!
    In households all over the world, war is being waged, and won, by humans fighting fleas for the health of their cats and their own peace of mind. Here's how to win your own war against the dastardly Ctenocephalides felis, and become a hero in your kitty's eyes.
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  • URIs in Cats
    Upper respiratory infections can strike at any time of the year, and can be very contagious in a multi-cat household. Get a heads-up on the symptoms of URIs to ensure early diagnosis and treatment for your kitty's runny nose and sneezing.
  • More Jaspurr & Joey Photos
    The J-Boys are entering those lanky "teenaged" weeks where they grow in all directions, but never at the same time. Right now, they're mostly legs, and long, slender bodies, but full of life and loving every minute of it.
  • Top Automatic Waterers
    In the scorching days of summer, it's particularly important that your cats have fresh, cool water at all times. Here are my top picks for automatic watering devices. Let the H20 flow!

We're Talking About:

If you've never visited our Cats Forums, you're in for a treat. The Cats Forum is packed with members whose combined knowledge on all things cats is encyclopedic, and they love nothing better than welcoming and helping new members. Have a question on health, diet, behavior, or rescue? Post it here. Want to share information with other cat lovers? You'll find loads of ways to participate. For all the "fun" activities associated with living with cats, try the "Fun with Cats" Forum. Many of our members visit back and forth between the two, so you'll always see someone you know in either forum.
  • Feline TV Critic
    Posted by TabbyPoodle:My little girl has been watching TV with me! My guy is on the couch so I sit in front of it on the floor with the clicker in my hand. My little girl comes over to be petted, hears something on TV and looks up and starts watching with me! Sometimes it has something scary to her and I watch her duck and prepare to run. She is so funny, AND endearing!
  • Pet Psychics
    Posted by Yvonne: Like you, I'm trying to keep an open mind, but there were a couple readings which I found to be questionable. For instance, if she knew beforehand that the alligator had been only fed chicken for the past couple months, wouldn't it be safe to assume that he was craving red meat? Then there's the question about the dog with the long ears....this one really gave me a chuckle. The dog was upset that everyone, including his "Mom", made fun of his long ears. It made him feel that he was different from all the other dogs. First off, I'm sure the people that were "making fun" of him probably cooed and said things like "Oh, what a funny little dog you are with those long ears"! Couldn't the same tone of voice be interpreted as "Oh my, aren't you the cutest little darling"?

    My cats, Lucky and Chester are fat. I often ask them if they want their big, fat bellies scratched. They're not insulted! "What did you say? You love me? Yeh, ooooh, I just love the belly scratching"!

    I don't doubt that the psychic has some talent, but wonder if a lot of it is just theatrics to produce a show.

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  • Vaccinations: a Word of Caution
    From Will Falconer, DVM, guest writer for the Veterinary Medicine site, vital information you need to know about those annual vaccinations.
  • When Anxiety Attacks
    Dogs Guide Krista Mifflin recognizes Mental Health Month with an informative article on anxiety in our pets.
  • Packet Grilled Dinners for Dad
    Busy Cooks Guide Linda Larsen provides an easy way to honor Dad on Fathers Day, and he doesn't have to do the barbeque duties on this occasion.

We'll be doing our own Fathers Day celebrating in a very small way, by spending the day letting Asa relax with Bubba and the kittens - his favorite occupation any day of the year. On this occasion as well as Valentine's Day, I like to let my readers know the driving force behind my own love of cats. Yes, Real Men DO Love Cats.
Happy Fathers Day to all you cat Dads out there! The world needs more of you.

'Til next week...

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