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Loving Cats: A Celebration of Cats

Arthur Remembered
A celebration of Arthur's life at the time of her crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Best Friends
Reminiscence while watching an old and dear friend aging.

Bonding With Bubba
Male bonding can be an awesome thing to behold, particularly when it's between a man and his cat.

The Bubba Syndrome
Mysterious illness that won't go away drives Bubba's humans crazy with worry.

Bye-Bye Buddy
A poignant memorial to a furry pal, written by Jana Jones, About.com's guide to Hotels, Resorts and Inns.

Cats We Have Loved and Lost
Alas, our time with our treasured kitties ends much too soon. This week we feature touching tributes to some very beloved cats.

Dealing with Loss
The grief of losing a cat goes along with the joy of loving it. Pay your dues, but don't deny a new cat the gift of love.

Franny's Family Album
You can usually spot a cat lover because they carry pictures of their cats in their wallets, alongside those of their children. I have a few of my own.

A Friday Kind of Love
Lazy thoughts on a rainy Friday morning.

Golden Age and The Golden Rule
Arthur looks toward the Rainbow Bridge as her human looks within.

The Imprint of Cat Lovers
Are you wondering what separates a cat owner from a cat lover? Take this enlightening test and rate yourself.

Just Another Day...
Just another day in the life of a cat lover.

Love My Cat
A tour of personal pages extolling the virtues of cats, wrought by their proud human companions.

Guest Writer Chris Morgan shares a heartwarming story about this most remarkable cat.

My Valentine - The Man Behind the Cats
Real men love cats. This particular man has been the significant driving force behind your Guide's lifelong affair with cats.

Real Men Do Love Cats
He may drive a taxi, design aircraft or rule over boardrooms during the day, but he comes home to cuddle and coo with his furball the minute he enters the house, and he's not embarrassed to admit it.

Sasha Comes Home - A True Love Story
Angelica has a soft spot for cats, so when she made friends with the feral cat who showed up regularly outside her small studio apartment, it was natural for her to want to offer him a home. The result was a rollercoaster ride for both of them.

The Story of Kitty
A success story of a semi-feral kitty who has finally come home.

Thank Heaven for Cats (2000)
Your Guide takes time before the holiday rush to give thanks for memorable cats and the people who devote their lives toward making the world a better place for them

Thank Heaven for Cats (1999)
Reminiscence on cats I've loved, and a couple of Thanksgiving surprises for visitors and their kitties.

We've Got Mail!
Our e-mail sets your guide to surfing this week, and you'll love what we've found.

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