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Alley Cat Allies is a Great Resource - Share Your ... - Cats - About.com
The universal cat overpopulation problem has attracted a growing swell of volunteers engaged in TNR and rescue of stray cats from city streets, parks, and rural ...
Cat Repellent - How to Keep Felines Away From ... - Cats - About.com
Alley Cat Allies has great resources for helping feral cats. Should you decide to take on the responsibility, be sure the feeding station is some distance from your  ...
S/N & Separating Ferals from Inside Cats is the Key - Share Your ...
The benefit of working with Alley Cats for me was that the Feral Cat lady caught all of my ferals, spay-neutered and returned them. They also got a shot while she  ...
Alley Cat Allies' Tips for Kitten Season - Cats - About.com
Apr 14, 2014 ... Check out these timely tips from Alley Cat Allies about potential "kitten season" mistakes.
Feline Breeds, Domestic Cats and Color Patterns - About.com
Thanks to the educational efforts of groups such as ACA (Alley Cat Allies), this term has fallen out of use, as cats are taken out of alleys and brought into loving,  ...
What, exactly, is a domestic cat? - Cats - About.com
To add to the confusion, domestic cats come with many descriptive names. They also are called "house cats," "alley cats," "moggies (usually in the U.K.), and in ...
Feral Cats - Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return Programs - TNVR
However, feral rescue groups, inspired in a large part by Alley Cat Allies, have had huge successes with TNR (trap, neuter, and return to the colony) for feral cats ...
What is an Alley-Cat Race? - Bicycling - About.com
Definition: An alley-cat race is an informal race held in cities with as much emphasis on participation and fellowship between cyclists as on winning. Usually  ...
FAQ - What does TNR stand for - Cats - About.com
TNR people trap, neuter, and release feral cats back into their original colonies. Years of ... Alley Cat Allies Resources · Feral Cats Blog · Cat Wrangling 101 ...
Reasons Some People Fear, Avoid, or Even Hate Cats - About.com
Groups like Alley Cats Allies and Alley Cat Rescue have established protocols for feral cat colonies for managed care. The cats are TNRd, and released back ...
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